Why the Hate for Role Playing Game Genre So Much?

What is the deal of Rpgs in general


Here is the question why people hat Role Playing games in general? Is it too hard? Is it made in Japan and too anime-ish? Do you want an easy way to complete the game? Here is a news flash for you RPG haters, nowadays every genre of video games has RPG elements in them. You can’t play the game like the old days where you unlock stuff by completing the game or go through certain condition in-game. Like it or not Role Playing Games are growing every step of the way. In statistics by Leafly (image below) Role Playing are at 17 % than shooters (32%) and action (20%) games. Which is the third most played genre in video games but it made be different than the other graphics. There is another a best-selling graph which Role Playing is at 7.2% which is rank four next to adventure, sports and shooters. I wouldn’t count role playing games as a weak genre. Let’s talk about role playing games in general, RPG is you play as a hero or heroine whatever you choose to play based on the game. You journey into a world where you save the world, rescue a princess whatever plot that the game has. You can’t go on an adventure without weapons, items and magic because if you don’t its game over for you. Sometimes you can’t go on an adventure alone you will meet people will join your cause (which is a party). If you want information and clues there are NPC (non-playable characters) that will help you choose wisely. As a hero or heroine you will want to get stronger that’s why it called leveling up.



When shopping for items and equipment you will want the strongest one that will boost your attribute so you can face the boss. During your quest there are side missions that you can help people or grind to become a better champion. On your mission you will have to make decisions that will affect you in the long run. Once you complete you journey you will have a good or bad ending whichever you choose. That’s RPG in a nutshell, in my opinion of Role Playing Games I enjoy them if they have a great story and amazing mechanics. There are great RPGs such as Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, Fallout 4, Skyrim and many more. Like I say before different genres of video games are implemented RPG elements in their games such as shooters, adventure, sports and many more. That’s show you that RPGs are here to stay and not going anywhere no time soon. When playing Role Playing Games you have to grind and work hard to become better at them. Don’t hate them because it’s not your genre of gaming but everyone else enjoy them like myself. I am not the best RPG player but I have fun in the process.

Source: Leafly


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  • In my gaming days I used to love roleplaying games. Final Fantasy was ofcourse fantastic, but I also loved Fallout and Mass effect. I think a lot of people just don’t like to invest this much time in a game. I never had those problems though. Great post! 😀

  • Thanks for your input and I agree you have to invest time to it

  • RPGs, whether Japanese or Western, are some of my favorite games around. Sure, some of them can be incredibly time consuming, but if you’re willing to give them a go, they can offer a rewarding experience. I think the gamers today who dislike RPGs tend to prefer the instant gratification of action games and shooters. Those games can be great too, but a good RPG is something you can lose yourself for hours in.

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  • Thanks paul I will share this