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Here is a update about the blog


Hi readers I am here for a blog update, the blog has been booming last month with new followers (almost at 100) and bloggers I have met. There are a couple of things I like to discuss, first I change my dayjob work schedule so I work Mondays-Thursdays now not Fridays. On Fridays I can have a day off of work or assist them on that day if they need me. I am very grateful from my Supervisor for this opportunity, Another thing I two YouTube channel now, Anjim Plays (main gaming channel) which has a copyright strike but I can still have all the features to do live streams and etc Anjim 2.0 (back up anime/cartoon channel) I had this channel in 2015 due to MCN I had to delete it but I brought it back from the dead. Make sure you sub to both channel if you like. Normally on Fridays I don’t post anything now I will make sure to look out for it.



There is a new tool I use for my Twitch/YouTube Gaming channel called Restream which you can multicast from Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox, Beam and many other video sites. This is one of the best broadcasting software I ever downloaded and you can live stream with viewers from the video site that you are apart of. Are you tried of streaming on one platform and you have fans on other? Look no further there is Restream! You can have a chat box with Twitch, YouTube, Ustream and other viewers in one. The tool is free to use but you can upgrade on a set price by going Pro, Doubling and Customer RTMP, Transcoding and Enterprise. Download it today if you a gamer, video producer, podcaster and whatever you are. I just want to say thank you for reading and support the blog. I have I get this to accomplish my dream to do this full-time and extended it one day. I will keep writing blog to make people happy and something to look forward to.

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I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed

  • Cool, nearing 100 followers. Good job! Keep it going 😊😀 Congratulations 😀