Video Game Retail Stores Getting Digitally Replace?

Will video game retail come back?


What is going on with video game stores?

what is happening to video games retail stores like GameStop, GameCrazy and EB Games? Is it because of gamer buying games online? Or it’s the company’s retail wrong doing? If you want to sell video games you need a retail store dedicated to gaming. Back in the day, video game retail was in a booming market and gamer has a place to go to. To have tournaments, talking about the best video games and equipment. Also you see a video game on a commercial on TV.  I don’t know if the games are cheaper back than (here is a picture of Funcoland prices)


Going forward today, some video games are still in retail but its digital now (you buy them online). Things change because of technology and these gaming retailers are going out of business maybe because of being rip-off.  It’s convenient to order things online like Amazon. Let’s talk about GameStop, this is the biggest video game retailer as of now and which not only sell games but mobile products as well. GameStop is a dedicated retailer that let’s players have power (their slogan “power to the play”) to preorder, trade-in a game, console and accessories and buy used games for low price. You also get a magazine from Game Informer (owned by GameStop) with a PowerUp Rewards Card that gives you discounts and gain points. GameStop also sells new or used movies and a GameStop for kids. Even GameStop does have its problems in the past but It was a good play to buy games and for trade-ins. As for the video game industry now, it became digital but what will happen 20 years for now? What do you think? Should video games retail make a comeback?

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