Video Game Journalism – Is It Fact or Is It Opinion?

What is wrong with Video Game Journalism ?

Journalism has change throughout decades now we got technology and the internet can we voice out their opinions. Video games news can come from prints and the World Wide Web. Magazines like GameFormer, Nintendo Power, Official Playstation and Xbox Magazines coverage basely every video games content there is. Without the internet or magazines we will have to watch TV to look up with is coming out.

Video game magazines have everything you need to know about video games just like any other magazines. It contents reviews, editorial, interviews with developers and people, fan art or mail and coverage on the latest games. As myself I read these magazine and I was integrate by what does developers have to say about the game. Nowadays, you can find news on gaming by going to IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, NG4, Sliconera and Polygon sites.

Bloggers has a voice too

What about the bloggers? I am a gaming blogger that reports on video games content and I am not working at a news company. Stating the fact and opinion is what I do and I don’t want to cause controversy and make anybody upset. I just like to write about video games and it’s my passion to do it. Writing about video games is what I like to do.

There is video game controversy

As of now I am trying to network with other gaming blogger to collab and do other project together. Enough out me as a blogger let’s go back to video game journalism.  For example, the infamous GamerGate scandal indie developer Zoe Quinn was a subject to harassment during the release of her game Depression Quest.  Quinn did receive death threats and hate mail from people.  Another key player is Anita Sarkessian which she made a YouTube series called Tropes vs. Women in Video Games in a defense of online harassment among females. My personal is that don’t condone online threats and harassment to anyone and that’s situation was cruel. Everyone has the right to express their opinion and share views.

This group is hate by the internet and you see them on YouTube, social media, forums and more. Marvelous Enterainment’s Kenichiro Takaki want to tone down the sexuality of the game. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is another example, SJW was concerned about how they’re portrayed in the game and Koei Temco has no plans to release the game in North American due to cultural differences.  That’s journalism in a nutshell for you.

Source: Kotaku



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