Valve Developing A New Controller and PS4’s DualShock 4

Two controllers going to steam?


Two stream news in one blog post. Alright, Valve is developing another controller which you on your wist and use your thumbs or fingers for  the button here is a picture. Valve is working on a controller for Vive and it comes with the VR headset. Due to the  partnership with Taiwanese tech company HTC. The controllers will be able to replicate hand movements. This controller was showed off in Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle. The price of the controller is cost #193 a piece which is expensive but you might get a discount. Vive controllers are different from Oculus Rift because these  have two stations which allow to track movement over 15 feet.  Peter Brown says “Vive’s strongest selling point is how it marries freedom of movement and intuitive controls with a capable headset” thinking that Vive will oversell PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. I hope to see more of the controllers in action.

Next, up Steam  will support Dualshock 4 controllers, Valve engineer Jeff Bellinghausen announced on Steam Dev Days conference that steam will add support for Dualshock 4 controller. You can configure just like a console game, not just PlayStation but Xbox as well. I don;t know how their are going to overlay to touchpad and share button. Stream controllers are much easier then PlayStation and Xbox because it’s already mapped out. Steam has 73 updates for steam controller functionality and sold over 500,000 controllers. Using built-in Steamworks controller configuration UI can you map it whatever your preference for that game. Note: some games lock out controllers  functions such as Counter Strike (you cannot move the thumbsticks)  and what to find a way to fix that problem. In closing, Steam is pushing forward to the future and trying out new things. What are your thoughts about the Vive controller and Dualshock 4 integrating on Steam.

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