Undertale – Being Stuck Homesick Video Game Review

Undertale is a popular Role playing indie game developed by Toby fox. Undertale is a one of the best indie game I ever played. The plot of the game is a realm where humans and monster live as equals. The realm was sealed by a magic barrier by King Asgore Dreemurr. A human child stumbles on The Underground accidently and tries to find the way home. The development of the game, Toby Fox started a Kickstarter in June 25, 2013. Toby using a game creation software called GameMaker Studio. Toby wanted to develop an RPG with interesting characters and storytelling device. Toby did look at role-plying games are boring to play (which I did a blog post about). Earthbound (Toby work on rom hacks) was one of Toby’s influences for Undertale. Toby wanted the art style to be more in detail with visual novel gags. There are other inspiration to his work such as Mario & Luigi, Touhou Project and Shin Megami Tensei. These mechanics make the character talk to monsters and without killing any enemies. The writing of the game comes from internet culture and Mr. Bean.


The gameplay of Undertale is very unique in its way. You control the human and solve puzzles to progress through the story. When battle mode, you have the options to fight, act, items and mercy. When the enemy attack, you control a heart to avoid attack like a bullet hell shooter. Act is a special action depending on the enemy. Mercy is sparing an enemy without killing them. Depending on you choices in battle, you can determine how you’re playing. Items can restore health or make you stronger. Graphic and music are a reminiscing of Earthbound and Megaolvania. If you want an awesome role-playing indie with funny dialogue and colorful cast of characters. Buy this game on Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


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