Senran Kagura Rolls Out About Some Brand New Games

Look forward to some Senran Kagura games

Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki announces Senran Kagura games. Senran Kagura games has presented at Honey ∞ Parade Games event.  If you don’t know what Senran Kagura series is about. Senran Kagura is about group of female shinobi fight against each other.  These girls come from different ninja schools. Each shinobi has unique special moves.The game features ecchi  and fanservice.   Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash adds a new character from Senran Kagura: New Wave Bashou.

Second is Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura coming to Nintendo Switch.  This game is about being a relationship with Asuka. Depending where you touch, her moods changes and her appearance. There is gameplay footage if you want to check it out.

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Nintendo Face Backlash for Super Mario Odyssey’s Mexican Outfit

What are you think Nintendo?

Nintendo newest Mario IP Super Mario Odyssey  is facing some backlash on Mexican outfit in the game. Also the outfit is featured on the box art but now has been changed. People stating that the outfit is  cultural appropriation and Nintendo should remove it. Which Nintendo’s president Reggie Fils-Aimé saids “Making political statements are for other people to do” and “we want people to smile and have fun when they play our games”.  In the latest Super Mario Odyssey trailer, you will see Mario in a poncho and sombrero in a desert level. Some Mexican fans want it in the game and other doesn’t want it thinking it’s racist.

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Castlevania 2017 – Dracula’s Wrath TV Series Review

Development of  Netflix Castlevania 2017

Let me say this “I am not a huge Castlevania fan but the series is cunning”. Based on the hit Konami Castlevania, Netflix brings a 4 episode animated series. Directed by Sam Deats, This series is influenced by Japanese anime and the story is based on the 1989 Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. During the development of the show, in 2007 Frederator Studios acquired the rights to produce an animated film adaption of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. Writer Warren Ellis was hired by Frederator but Ells stated “I no previous knowledge of the series”.

Ellis has work with Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi to find a storyline that fit into the timeline of the film.  In 2008, Ellis completed the script on the show’s production blog during the development hell. Power Animation Studios’s Sam Deats was able to reach a deal with Netflix for the production. Powerhouse reached out Frederator to help with the production using existing scripts years ago and with changes fit the format.

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Pokemon GO Fest Attendees Suing Niantic for Travel Expenses

Why angry about Pokemon Go?

A man named Jonathan Norton was upset at Niantic because of unpleasant traveling experience during Pokemon Fest in Chicago.  Norton’s Attorney Thomas Zimmerman said in a statement “He paid to fly out to Chicago for the festival, and had to wait for several hours in line, just like most everybody else in order to get in.” Norton and 30 others who was apart of the lawsuit, found out their game don’t work and can’t catch legendary Pokemon.

Niatinic did reach out to the folks  and offer a ticket refund and $100 micro-transaction credit.  They don’t want it and stated that “we’re not seeking any relief with respect to the failure to get legendary Pokémon, because Niantic is offering that.” “But Niantic is not offering to refund people’s travel expenses for coming to Chicago. Most of the people came from out of state, many people from other countries — I talked to someone who flew in from Japan.”

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House Party Temporarily Remove From Steam Due to Distasteful Comments

What is House Party?

House Party is a 3D comedy dating sim indie game developed by Eekgames. House takes inspiration from games like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island. Goal of this game is solving puzzles and smooth talk with hot chicks. Making right choices can grand you a ending as the story process. Children as not suitable for playing this game, it contains  foul language, party games, nudity, fighting, sex, and more. House party was on Steam but due to negative and distasteful comments about the games offensive content. Eekgames posted a response about their situation with Steam  stating “House Party was temporarily removed as a result of a number of complaints that were sent to Steam about the game.  The game has been a target for a certain group of people since the day it launched, and said people were posting very aggressive, distasteful and hateful comments directed toward the game. 

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Indies of the Week #23 – Danger Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week #23. Today’s theme is danger, whether you are a hero  or heroine. Obstacles will stand in your way, when comes to completing your own. Let’s see what indies we have  this week.

Indie 7.   Neon City Riders – Mecha Studios

Neon City Riders is a 2D action-adventure indie game. Where you are put into a cyberpunk/nu-wave future society . The game got inspiration from he Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Hyper Light Drifter, Earthbound, Metal Slug 3, Final Fight, Fallout 3 and Resident Evil. This is a top-down perspective with pixel art style. Features of this game is being a part of a gang and interact with them. Unlock maps and cities to explore, solve puzzles and defeat enemies with environment. Side quests are available, fast travel to different parts of the city and posses unique superpowers. If you want a gang-based indie make sure you support the Kickstarter and play the demo.

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Final Fantasy XV – Guys Day Out Review

What is Final Fantasy XV?

This is one of the first Final Fantasy XV open world action role-playing game I ever played.  I have play Kingdom Hearts (which is action RPG) and enough about that, Square Enix outdid themselves with this. With the outstanding CGI work in the cutscenes, character design and environments along with a dynamic battle system.  The project hit a snag sue to trouble development and talks about rebranding the mainline entry.

The rebranding shifted with the next-gen consoles of 2015 along with a next engine called Luminous Studios. Hajime Tabata took over Tetsuya Nomura in the developed team and want the project to remain as true to original. Along with characters on the original story opening and replaced the main heroine Stella Nox Fleurets (Lunafreya). The main concept Tabata and Nomura wanted is a fantasy based on reality  Eros. Which is based on real world location like Tokyo, Venice ad Bahamas.

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Street Fighter EX’s Akira is Making a New Fighting Game?

Akra is back!

Yes folks you here right! Akira is back and making a new fighting IP but the title has yet been finalize.  It’s been 19 years, since we seen Akira enter the fighting game scene. Akira bring us Street fighter Ex series and Fighting Layer. Although, Capcom doesn’t own the right to the character but it’s a way to introduce Akira characters in Street fighter. I have played both Fighting Layer and Street Fighter Ex, even it’s Street Fighter in 3D. The feel of the game I was not familiar with at the time. I had funny with it in the early 2000s. Akira got some interesting characters such as Skullomania, Darun Mister, Doctrine Dark, Garuda and more.

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Senran Kagura Producer Want to Tone Down Sexuality For Western Market

What is wrong with Senran Kagura

There was a interview with Senran Kagura Producer Kenichiro Takaki which he has concerns about sexuality in the franchise.  Takaki is worry about how the game is received through the western market. There is a group called the SJW meaning Social Justice Warrior which is a pejorative term for an individual promoting socially progressive views. Such as feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics. PlayStation Lifestyle’s Tyler Treese asked Takaki have you consider toning down sexiness in Senran Kagura.  Also if the game release in regions to have a feature to tone down physical assets, here is what he says (image below).

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Samurai Showdown Games Heads To Consoles This Summer 2017

What is Samurai Showdown?

SNK’s fighting beloved Japanese weapon fighting game Samurai Showdown  games is heading to consoles this summer of 2017. If you don’t know what Samurai Shown is I will give you  a summary. Samurai Showdown is  a fighting game set in the Sakoku period where demons and human live. The game pay homage to Japanese history and music. Each character comes from different backgrounds such as France, German, America and many more.   These character who weapons such as a katana, rapier, claws, nagatata and many more. Also each character has special moves and a rage meter to deal more damage.

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