Two Scoops – Ice Cream Dating Sim KickStarter

What is your favor of Ice Cream?

Paige Hall (Thumbcramps) launched a Kickstarter on the dating sim indie Two Scoops. About this game is you take on the role of a young woman who has just started a new job at a local, family-owned ice cream shop. She’s taken on a big responsibility, too: two of the employees are going away soon, leaving her to fill their shoes! With only a week remaining before their departure, the situation seems tricky for our protagonist, but she is determined to show that she’s the right one for the job. The character designs reminds me of Steven Universe (good show) and you can create your own main character such  skin tone, varying personalities, multiple genders and diverse backgrounds. There are four routes and eight endings. There are also in-game interaction with texting (everyone does it)  and use a social media app called Chirp (which is a parody of Twitter).



As the developed noted “while also offering a diverse cast and queer romance options” Paige is trying to bring in LGBT audience which is great, everyone needs to be represented.  As for rewards if you give $15-25 dollars you will get access to the game and desktop wallpaper. $40 you will get keychains of two scoops characters, $50 commemorative Two Scoops enamel pin and previous awards, $60 is the same as $40 but exclusive, hand-numbered postcard print from the incredible artist Lexxy Douglass. $100 is the same as $40 and previous rewards and lastly $250 join the Two Scoops social media circle! Put your own @ handle and a personalized ‘chirp’ in the main character’s Chirp feed with previous rewards.  There goals is to are 28k vocal theme intro, 32k new romanceable charaver and 35k  is partial voice acting help them reach those goals.



There are other developers joining in such as Know The Devil, Rose of Winter, Ghosts of Miami), Vivian Ng ( BOOM! Studios Adventure Time and The Legend of Korra series),  Diana Taylor (Queen At Arms, The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car), Katy Forsythe (Love is Strange), Lain Farlight (Devolver Digital’s Always Sometimes Monsters) and  Emily Fitch. If you want a ice cream visual novel support this game and I can go for some Ice Cream now and visit the website.

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