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Anjimplays is on Twitch

As you guys may know I am a streamer. What if readers don’t want to sign up for Twitch. Look no further, watch me on my blog. I am still making changes to this page. Hope  it’s a great way to interact with me. I stream various games who gets 1-2 viewers each stream. That’s not much in my book. Have network with other streamers and no luck at all. Twitch doesn’t care about as smaller guys like me. I have seen streamers get burn out and quit. Don’t have want to be one of them. All I have to do is keep trunking and grind.  I want to thank My Gaming Career community for giving me exposure.  Met with some awesome streamers and place to post my blog.

Schedule for my live stream is image(above).  Tuesday, Wednesday and Sundays I am busy with other projects. Consider to make more blog post on those days. Due to my 8-4 dayjob on Monday though Wednesday I don’t have alot of time. Thursday is better for me but I live stream that day. Friday, I don’t have to go to work by still other projects. Real life takes a toll on you sometimes but I am a workaholic. Updates about the stream will be post in Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to follow me there. Share my stream and give it a follow. I am pushing for partnership not Twitch Affiliate. Restream is so much better in my opinion.   That software is amazing and you don’t have to stream on  one platform.

Watch live video from AnjimPlays on

I highly recommended check it out.  Also live stream on YouTube Gaming as well. Make sure to follow me and check what I am playing. Thanks for check out my gaming blog. Hope to do more amazing things in the near future.