Dr. Disrespect Tears Up When Fan Stated That “I Enjoy Watching You”

What is wrong with Dr. Disrespect?

For streamers Twitch like Dr. Disrespect, you never know what to expect on Twitch. Dr. Disrespect live stream of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. Dr. Disrespect put out a Twitch highlight called “Doc meets a fan”. Disrepect rambles about how annoyed he gets while streaming. A fan reach out to Dr. Disrespect stating that ” I enjoy watching you”. Dr. Disrespect stops playing the game and walks out. Comes back to his gaming chair in cries. Twitch is a wonderful community and that’s streamers love it. Those who have not hear of Dr. Disrespect is an award winning international champion in the online gaming community. Over 100 million followers and is a full-time streamer. Check out Dr. DisrespectLIVE on Twitch and follow him on Twitter or Discord.

Disrespect has a history with  Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds and was banned for killing a teammate. The reason for killing a teammate is to have a spot on a vehicle. There is a Twitter feud with Brandon Greene one of the developers of PlayerUnknown (tweets below).

Brandon Greene took Disrespect’s comments as a threat and told a story about his past. Greene has a experience in his college days when, he had a disagreement with his flat mate. Greene walks away from his flat mate and was kicked in the chest. Also the flat mate put Greene head through a plate glass door. Greene had a painful flashback  due to Disrespect’s comments on Twitter.

No one should have to live with that experience again. In closing Dr. Disrespect may not perfect human being but people still love him to this day. Path of a full time Twitch Streamer is a long one for me. Fans sometimes annoying me but I keep my cool. Viewers on Twitch are human too treat them with respect. Streamers should be respected too because there are here to entertainment you.  People take time out there day to watch you. Also what type of streamer are you and never know what feedback you get.

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