Twitch Affiliates Gets Subscription Button and Partners Are Not Happy

Why so serious about Affiliate?

Today Amazon announced Subscription button for their Affiliate this week. Here is the run down of Twitch Subscription buttons are for features such as ad-free videos, sub emotes  and building a community. Now Twitch offers subscription options: $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99/month, as well as the Twitch Prime free subscription.  As for Twitch Affiliate members you get cheers, ad revenue and many other features. I did a blog post about Twitch Affiliate you can check it out.

As for partner streamer I don’t know why you guys are upset at this. I don’t see you helping us small streamers out. You cam about yourself and building your own following. All you do is retweet when we go live and don’t come to our streams. What happen to Twitch Unity but it doesn’t apply to you guys  does it. I am glad that Twitch unveil Affiliate for non-partner because it’s tough to be a Twitch Partner.   You should be happy and fortune to be a partner and go full-time. The rest of us have day-jobs and love to be in the same position as you. Don’t get uptight about this because we non-partner streamers work hard to get an affiliate. So don’t look down on them because you was a small streamer at one point. That’s being said I am hoping to get an affiliate soon because I am a hard work on my stream. Interactiving with the chat but try to be entertaining I get less than 2 viewers per stream. Make sure you follow me on Twitch and check out my streams and help me get affiliate.

Source: Twitch blog

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