Top 6 Anime That Should Have Video Games Adaptations

Anime and gaming go hand in hand


I know in otaku culture there is being gamer and people look down on you upon it. There are some animes that doesn’t have a video game adaption that I wish was turn into a video. I like Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball z ,Jojo, My Hero Academia and other anime has a game. Here is my five choices of anime that should have a video game adaptation.

6.  Keijo!!!!!!!!

The plot of this anime is about a teenage named Nozomi Kaminashi who wants to be the best Keijo and it’s a water sport which predominantly women and you have to  use your buttock and chest to knock your opponent out of the ring. The game is more like a sports game which you choose characters from the manga. All you have to do is put online, versus, creation and other modes and we are good.

5. Yuri On Ice!!!

Yuri on Ice!! Is a highly popular anime in 2016, the story about a teen named Yuri Katsuki who wants to figure skate like his idol named Victor Nikiforov. The game can be a rhythm game with visual novel elements. As for playable character 16 from the anime and game modes will be story, online, versus, gallery and etc. Yuri on Ice was a great anime to watch and it’s has some Yaoi moments in it too for the ladies.

4. Izetta: The Last Witch

Izetta: The Last Witch is about a princess named Ortfiné “Finé” Fredericka von Eylstadt whose country is on a blink of war with Germanian, A witch named Izetta reunite with Fine to stop the war with Germanain. The game can be modeled after Panzer Dragoon (rail shooter) which you can control Izetta who rides on a anit-tank rifle and uses magic and medieval cavalry lances. You can switch weapons and play through story mode (events from the anime) and it will be a done deal.

3. Days

The story is about a clumsy and bullied Teenage named Tsukushi Tsukamoto who decided to join soccer team and befriend his teammate Jin Kazama. Even Tsukamoto is the worst player on the team he is motivated to be the best. The game will be a sports game (of course) with team from the manga. The game might have story mode (play as Tsukamoto), versus, gallery and online. Help Tsukamoto became a great a soccer player.
2. Drifters

Drifters is about historical figures called Drifters who travel in a world to help elves, dwarves and hobbits fight against The Ends with the help of an organization Octobrist. The game can be a hack n slash like Dynasty Warrior you can choose Shimazu Toyohisa, Oda Nobunaga, Nasu no Yoichi and others. The story will be from season 1 and 2, put some online, versus and gallery from the anime. I know that this will be developed by Koei.


1. Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Hybrid × Heart is about your typical school fighting against invader from another word. the main protagonist Kizuna Hida has the power to relishes enemy (read the light novel and anime you know what I mean) to beautiful girls. Kizuna and his team Amaterasu band together to fight the Batlantis Empire. This game can also be a visual novel and take the story from the light novel. You can have multiple endings and interact with the girls and have third-person action gameplay in the mix.

There is my top 5 anime that should have a game and what do you guys think put it in the comment section let me know what anime should have a game.

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  • I think both Psycho-Pass and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress should get their own game. That would be awesome 😀

    • Psycho pass has a game on Ps4 and Vita and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress could be a hack n slash