Top 5 Strong Female Video Game Characters That Kick Butt

Top 5 Strong Female Video Game Characters

I won’t say majority of video games have male protagonists but what about the female characters that are a support, heroic and daring. These women don’t have to be eye-candy or a damsel in distress ever. Female video game character are equals male characters anything they can do they do better maybe. Here is my strong female video game characters that kick butt and take names.

5. Elle from Last of Us

A teenage that has a mouth of a sailor. While Joel is out of action she is the hero of the story. She can handle herself pretty well and a great companion and a support system. As she like women (you know what I mean) and fearless, will use violence if necessary. She is immune to infections which makes her a fighter and survivor.

4. Chloe Price from Life Is Strange

A rebellious adult who Max saved from being shot and BFF. Chloe is one of those bad girl stereotype who is a bad influence to you. Chloe does the craziest things such as using guns, swearing at her parents and getting to alof of trouble. She has an emotional side and care for her friend Max and Rachel. She is the friend you will like to have fun with.

3. Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite

A damsel in distress with was held captive turn to a femme fatale. Elizabeth is one of the best support characters in Bioshock. She can opening up tears of space and time, give you salts and ammo anytime you in trouble and has skills such as lock-picking and cryptography. I don’t why the change her character in Burial at Sea, the answer lies within the developer.

2. Clementine from The Walking Dead

A little girl who lost her parents by walkers journey with a group of travelers to have a way out. Clementine was scary and don’t know how to survive but thanks to Lee Everest. Clem shine through the second season of the series. She is a great decision maker, caring and courageous individual. I would like to see more of her in season 3.

1. D.Va from Overwatch

Nerve this! D.Va is a former e-sports gaming champion now a part of the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA). D.Va has an awesome pink exoskeletal mech suit she use in battle. She is also a tank character, her notable ability is self-destruct and she can call a mech, uses boosters and defense matrix to absorb attacks. D.Va is on the best Overwatch characters in the game and favorable in my opinion. That’s my top 5 list of strong female video game characters that kick butt. I got more but maybe another time and I hope to see more strong female characters. What are your top 5 favorite strong female characters in video games?

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