The Price of PlayStation 3 Might Hurt Sony In the Long Run?

Is Playstation 2 cheaper than 3

Former PlayStation executive Jack Tretton suggest that rising prices on Playstation 3 may hurt Sony. I see this time and time again when a new console is
out the price cost over $600 or less. Later on produce a slimmer or
an update version of the console and make the price $99-400. Which is
a method that “you can’t afford the original console but we have
a cheaper version of the console” something like that. Back to the
situation at hand, Jack stated that “The PS3 was difficult to
develop and manufacture, everyone knew that it was consumer-friendly
price that was losing a lot of money for Sony”. Due to this there
is a catastrophic decline of sales of PS3. If you look at the graph

 vgsales, in November 2008, PlayStation 2 sales grew about
9,000,000 units and PlayStation 4 decline around 6,000,000 units on
November 2008. PlayStation 2 has more sales than PlayStation 3
between the fiscal year of 2007-2008. Let’s compare PlayStation 2
and PlayStation 3 for inflation in this picture, PS2 cost $395
dollars and PS3 cost $567. PlayStation 3 is more expensive than
PlayStation 2. What about PlayStation 4 Pro will it hurt Sony and
what about the cost? Will the next system be more expensive then
PlayStation 4? Tell me what you think of this?
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