The Pirate Mermaid – Under The Sea


What is The Pirate Mermaid?

The Pirate Mermaid is a  fantasy otome visual novel where you can become a hero or villain. Developed by in this game you can become a  legendary pirate, mermaid queen, sorcerer and any thing you can think of. The plot of the game is , you are saved and find a sorcerer. Who will make you a magical contract – with a catch. He’ll transform you into a mermaid to grab the treasure, if you bring him a red vial from the mermaids. If you fail, you’ll be turned into a lobster. The game reminds me of the Little Mermaid and it’s very fairy tail-ish. I think the female demographic will love this and males as well. 

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There is a catch you have six days to break the spell. If you do you will live happy ever after but you fail then you are screw.  You action depending on the choice you make in the game. Will the person become a lover and slave friends or victim choice wisely. The game features  340,000+ words of content and dialogue (that’s sure alot). There is 3+ characters route which one you take. There is a karma system just like Infamous good or evil remember it’s your playthough do what you please. Also there is 20 endings which depends on your karma level.

Japanese and English voice acting and animated sprites, backgrounds and for anime fans chibi scenes. Note if you are a music lover Sakagami Souichi  is singing the theme for this game check out this person. If you are otome lover support this game on Steam Greenlight and support Check out the dev blog for details.

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