Blizzard Apologizes Mei Christmas Skin

What is fuzz about Overwatch’s Mei Christmas Skin?


What is wrong with Mei’s skin?

Players are dissatisfaction  of a Overwatch skin? Are you serious about this first was Tracer victory pose not this SHM. This show you how you can’t make people feel happy or satisfied about anything . Well Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan express his concern. Jeff is talking about the Mei’s Legendary skin for the Winter Wonderland holiday event.  I don’t see anything wrong with it but what if you don’t put on the skin. If it bad there is  a option for it.   Here is the statement from Blizzard Entertainment:

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Overwatch is Celebrating the Holidays With the Cast

Season greeting from the Overwatch team


Happy Holidays Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment relases a trailer of it’s Winter Wonderland seasonal event. The cast of Overwatch is celebrating the holidays and they did had a Halloween event now it’s  something naughty or nice. If you are on the nice list you will  get a winter loot boxs fill with  more than 100 new cosmetic items. Such as skins, intro, speeches (ho ho ho), profile icons, sprays,emotes and more (image below).

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