Thomas Bach Says No Violent Games In 2024 Summer Olympics

What is wrong with violent video games at  Olympic?

There is a report that President Thomas Bach of IOC have some concerns about  violent video games. The main topic for this discussion is the vast growing of Esports.  Esports got the attention in Paris Olympic committee. Meeting about incorporating video games in the Summer Olympics 2024.  People might think that’s great news. According to co-president Tony Estanguet of the committee “don’t expect “violent” video games to be include”. There is no room violent video game like Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat and many more.  The reason is it doesn’t promote peace and harmony around the world.  Probably blame terrorism and the committee wants unity for all countries. Bach wants to put less violent games in the Summer Olympics. Bach stated that virtual sports game might be on the table. “So if ever somebody is competing at playing football virtually or playing other sports virtually, this is of high interest.”

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Are Video Games Getting Too Violent for Gamers?

Is it okay to play violent video games?

What is going on in violence video games?

A lot of people can debate this and blame video games for violence behavior of an individual. Who has a controller in this hand and have physiological problem. For example, a bank robbery and that person plays Grand theft Auto will be blame for it? What about getting into a fist fight with someone and intended to kill someone. That person plays Mortal Kombat will that person be blame for it. To be honesty I have people link video games into crime because gaming doesn’t make criminal and it’s the person mental capacity and how the gamer handles society. Of course, violence in video games make the game feel awesome and it’s fictional but don’t try it in a non-fictional world because you will go to jail.

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