MUGEN – Create Your Own Crossover Fighting Game Review

What is Mugen fighting game engine?

How you ever wonder if you characters from anime, gaming, cartoons and movies crossover? MUGEN is the software for fighting game fans. MUGEN is a 2D fighting game engine created by Elecbtye. This engine allows creators to make and rip stages, characters, and srceenpacks from other games. History of MUGEN started off in 1999 as beta. Beta version work on MS-DOS, Mac and Linux operation systems. MUGEN creator Elecbtye forgotten what the engine stand for, mugen in Japanese means unlimited. Elecbtye seek donations to obtain a windows version of MUGEN.

Elecbtye release a private WinMUGEN beta containing limit of two characters and locked game modes.  This new version of WinMUGEN features music plugins and SFF files to show palettes. CNS scripts for controllers and changes to DOS patches to downgrade characters to be compatible. In 2007 hacked WinMUGEN add third-party for hires stages and select screens. Low and hi res stages are compatible in new version of WinMUGEN.

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Veterans in Video Games Fight To Protect Their Honor #VeteransDay

What is Veteran’s Day?

Happy  Veteran’s Day to all the people who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  The blood sweat and tears that our vets had go through. Veterans for something is what drives us to became better person. What is going on right now in the world is horrible.  As a soldier you undergo PSA and other psychological problem in the brain. Enough about that let’s talk about military style video games.   I know veterans love playing video games and some of them are design for military genre. 

I will be discussing some of the best war style video games. There are alot out there and  they’ve became very popular. Majority of gamer who played military style video game have not served. Starting off is Star Wars Battlefront II, sequel to Star Wars Battlefront 2015 reboot. Battlefront II takes Return of the Jedi timeline, where a group of Imperial special forces called Inferno Squad. Witness the destruction of the Death Star II and there mission is to take on the Rebels Alliance.  Star Wars Battlefront II is a step up from it’s predecessor. Player can take control of Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Darth Maul, Rey and many of the cast. Play as Stormtroopers, Droids and rebel soldiers to fight for honor.   Buy Star Wars Battlefront II 2017 if you are a fan of Star Wars. It will be available on Xbox, PS4 and Steam.

Where are some Veteran’s Day like games?

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Open and Closed Beta Gaming – Playing Ahead of People

What is the difference between open and closed beta?

Nowadays in video games, developers put out an open beta for players to experience game and provide feedback. Closed betas contains number of bugs performance and release to a restricted group by invitation. It’s pretty much like you are the developer and giving feedback on what needs to be fix for the final version. An open beta is released to anyone who is interested and can report bugs or issues with the game. If you play ever a closed or open beta you are ahead into the game. When the final version comes out you will see player a higher rank than you. For example, open betas like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Paragon, 7 Days to Die, Brawlhalla and more. I like to use a anime example Sword Art Online’s Kirito, Kirito was a beta tester for SAO and he level up so fast that other players despise him.

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Free Vs Buying Video Games – What Do You Prefer?

Do you have enough money to buy a video game? Are planning buying a $59.99 video game? Do you want more free game to save money? Well that’s are the question that you are pondering to ask. Let me tell you about what the difference between getting a free video game than buying one. Free video game is on what you find on the internet such as PSN, Xbox store, Doujin and Steam. The company understands that players don’t have the funds to get the games that you wanted. Sometimes free-to-play games are mostly MMO, shooter and sometimes different genres. It depends on the value of the game such as content, graphics and replayable. Buying a game is helping the company generated revenue for the product. When you buy from online gaming outlets or retail part of the proceeds go between the merchants and video game companies. Especially DLC, that’s extra money to support the gaming companies to make an expansion or sequels.

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E3 2017 Press Conference Highlights – What You Need to Know

This year at E3 2017 press conference was average and yet small. Here are some E3 2017 highlights on what you need to know what happen.


– Battlefield 1 shows off Twitch Streamers and montage of gameplay. A new map Nivelle Nigts in June, Prise De Tahure in July and the expansion In The Name of the Tsar Along with new maps, armies and weapons.

– FIFA Champions Cups and the reveal of FIFA 18

– NeedForSpeed Payback – you can drive with three different characters, open world, customization and relics system.

– A Way Out trailer with co-op gameplay and mention of The Tales of Two Brothers and creator.

– Introduction to Seed (Search For Extraodinary Experiences Division).

– Anthem trailer

– NBA Live 18 introduce mechanics such as dribbling, defense and The One (The league or The Street) with boost stats.

– Star Wars Battlefront II – The actress Janina Gavankar (Commander Iden Versio) introduce offline Story Mode with original story. More content such as skirmish, more heroes, maps and customization (class system). A showcase of Assault on Theed and John Boyga announced Fin is confirmed and planet Crate they will be free.

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