Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #2

Hello there gaming bloggers if you a week long Thanksgiving. I am back to shoutout some great gaming bloggers out there. If you want to see my previous post go right ahead.  Us gamers are a community that must support one other and unity. Here are some bloggers you guys should check out and support.

8. Mat in the Hat

Mat’s blog revolves around anime, cartoon, unboxing and reviews. Bible verses are available on his site for folks who are in to religion. Mat’s site features wacky gif to make it standout and  TGIF: Friday Funny. Mat receive numerous of awards  and is part of OWLS: Otaku Warriors for Liberty Self-Respect.   One last thing Mat is a huge Square Enix.  fan Follow Matt on Twitter, YouTube and Mat in the Hat blog.

7. The Global Gamer

The Global Gamer talks about gaming and movies. Global has a top 20 list, a poll and guides. The Global Gamer is a upcoming gaming bloggers that needs your support. Check out  The Global Gamer ‘s blog and website is still work in progress.

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Ace Attorney – Phoenix is Always Right Anime Review

What is Ace Attorney?

The director who brought you Space Brothers (Ayumu Watanabe) and the writers who written Inazuma Eleven (Atushiro Tomioka). Based on the Capcom’s Ace Attorney video game and it’s animated by A-1 Pictures (same animator that does the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice). Ace Attorney is a mystery courtroom video game, where you play as a rookie defense lawyer named Phoenix Wright who helps his clients get a not guilty verdict.

Phoenix wright has a rival prosecutor named Miles Edgeworth who’s in his way. Phoenix meets characters on the way such as Maya Frey, Larry Butz, Dick Gumshoe and many more. As the game progress, instead of being a lawyer Phoenix is an investigator that look for clues behind the murder. Phoenix can talk to witness and get help from his closes friends and present the evidence in the court of law. The anime is a adaption of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Justice for All.

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Otakon 2017 – Best Anime Convention Ever

What is my experience at Otakon 2017?

Luckily in 2017, Otakon came to Washington, DC and I was stoked about it. It was a learning experience for people who want to become voice actor. Vic Mignogna Q & A was one of the best panel in Otakon and very lively. Vic talk about his voice acting career and his love of Star Trek and Sharks. The highlight of the panel Vic whisper her girl’s ears as Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club and show him and Todd Haberkorn in a Free Swim contest. Next panel I went to Sekai Project who show upcoming visual novel games. 

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Super NES Classic Edition – 90s Nostalgia Gaming

Nintendo is rolling out Super NES Classic Edition due to the NES classic released last year.  Also Sega is having a classic edition as well. This console comes with two wireless controllers with 21 games. It’s been 20 years since Super Nintendo came out in the 90s.  SNES was a upgrade console of the NES with better music, games and accessories. Here are some of the games that will be in the classic venison. F-Zero, Earthbound, Kirby Super Star, Star Fox, Super Punch-Out, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and many more. Those are the heavy-hitters and must-play games on the SNES. Super NES Classic Edition is very small unlike the original version. I think you can take it anywhere on the go.

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Are Video Games Play Like a Cinematic Film and Movies?

Video games are turning into movies?

Kevin Spacey!

In years of video gaming, the industry has evolve into a franchise which take the player for a ride like a roller coaster. The thrill of being a protagonist whether female or male, talking a journey on their story and having a connection with the game. As for cutscenes in video games some can be iconic or tell a story about the game. Let me tell you a history of in-game cutscenes, in 1980s Pac-man was the first game that has cut scene, for example Pac-Man and Blinky chasing each other after winning the stage. Later there is a laserdisc games called Beg Battle which features full-motion video (FMV) with video acting. After cut scenes was incorporated in Prince of Persia, Maniac Mansion and Zero Wing (which has that meme “All your base are belong to us”. Cut-scenes are mostly in CD-Roms due to the amount of media data storage in the disc. It can’t be in a game cartridge because they will have to compress it into kilobits. Video Game developer Ron Gilbert stated “that player has no control over cutscenes”, I beg to differ maybe back in the 80s but nowadays there is a term called “quick time event” I will explain that later and you can skip it too. There is a different types of cutscenes such as live action for example Wing Commander IV and The Lord of the Ring. They use actors such as Mark Hamil or Malcom McDowell to play the characters in the game. As for movie-tie games, they used film footage to what the game is based off. Pre-render cut-scenes which uses CGI or cel animation for example Final Fantasy VII and Grim Fandango.


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The Pirate Mermaid – Under The Sea


The Pirate Mermaid is a  fantasy otome visual novel where you can become a hero or villain. Developed by in this game you can become a  legendary pirate, mermaid queen, sorceres and any thing you can think of. The plot of the game is , you are saved and find a sorcerer who will make you a magical contract – with a catch. He’ll transform you into a mermaid to grab the treasure, if you bring him a red vial from the mermaids. If you fail, you’ll be turned into a lobster. The game reminds me of the Little Mermaid and it’s very fairy tail-ish. I think the female demographic will love this and males as well. 

download (1).jpg

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Top 5 LGBT Characters In Video Games

Celebrating the LGBT community in Video Games


In video game community there is love in the air when a male hero saves a female princess from a villain or having a bond with each other. What about the LGBT community represent in video games? Do they get the same treat as other characters? In my top 5 blog post I will explore LGBT characters in video games because they needed to present like race. Here is my top 5 LGBT characters in video games I hope you enjoy.

Kanji Tatsumi – Persona 4


Kanji is your typical delinquent who has a thing for boys and hates girl. He was the fourth victim (after Yuikiko) of the Midnight channel, later on join Investigation Team. Kanji has a love interest with a fellow Investigation Team member named Naoto Shirogane (who is a girl in disguised) and has a Persona called Take-Mikazuchi.
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Are You Spending Too Much Money On Gaming Hardware and Titles?

Are spending too much money for gaming?


As a gamer you want to get the most cutting edge tech and the last AAA Titles for the new gen systems. Based on the statistic by New Consoles Revive the Ailing Gaming Industry sales on hardware when up $314 million in July 2010 and in the July 2013 sales drop $99 million. As for software in July 2010 sales when up to $403 million and July 2013 sales when down on July 2013 does it mean the later years sales on hardware and software goes down as well. There is another chart that PC and console games growth based on Video Games Revenue. In 2011 there is a spike for console gaming sales by $25 and in 2015 PC gaming sales when up between $20-25. As for sales dropping there is none in console gaming but in 2008, PC gaming drop between $15 and $10. Are we spending more on hardware or software it could be debate ever way, there is a concept for gaming hardware and software where you can get discounts on computer equipment called Cyber Monday. It’s a day that you shop online for discounts. People think it’s a day about buying computers hardware and other form of Technology but that’s not the case. You buy other products such as things such as toys, videos games, clothes and etc.

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Indies of the Week #3 – Unorthodox Indie Gaming Sunday

Usually art and gameplay.


Welcome to another indies of the week! This week is theme is unorthodox which relates to the art direction and gameplay. Sorry I was missing a number but I am on the right now. There are some indies that need attention and what you should check out and support,  let’s get started on

5. Schwarzerblitz – Andrea “Jens” Demetrio


This is a indie fighting that’s written in C++ and runs on a engine called Irrlicht graphic engine.  This reminds me of the PS1 fighting game era with 3D polygon back in the early 1997. You have five button layout  Guard, Punch, Kick, Tech and Trigger, trigger is a one-button combo breaker and also lead to combos. There is impact blows which you can send the opponent flying and a fluid combo system which you can execute long combos. Where are 6 playable character with extended moveset (20 later), ring outs like Virtua Fighter with 9 stages and modded your own character.  If you love 3D ploygon fighting game this game is for you.  Schwarzerblitz is still in development and you can download the alpha here (make sure you read the instruction on how to make the game work) .

schwarzerblitz - fps_1 11_03_2017 21_40_00-7tgwixgg.png

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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge OVA – Take Over Makai Anime Review

The freaks come out at night

Based on Capcom’s fighting game franchise Darkstalkers comes a four-episode OVA by Madhouse Studios. Madhouse is known for animating Death Note, One-Punch Man, Black Lagoon, Hunter X Hunter 2011 and Black Lagoon also directed by Masashi Ikeda. The plot of the OVA is the same as the game as title it question. There is a war between two families the Maximoffs and Aenslands which a vampire named Demitri and a succubus named Morrigan is affiliated with. The battle between them is for control over the demon world (Makai). While an alien entity named Pyron who has a past history and hatred for Earth wants to take it over with his Huitzil robots. A dhampir (half human/half vampire) monk named Donovan who wants to get rid of the cursed blood which he has inside while being company by a young orphan girl named Anita. Moving away from the plot, let’s talk about the game.


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