The Game Awards 2017 – Big Video Game Announcements for 2018

What is the games that announced on The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards 2017 honors developers who put their sweat and tears on making the best game. Aside from giving out awards and nominating, there is some big video game announcements.  These announcements that’s out of nowhere and others might be a shock. Let’s get right to the announcement for what is coming up in 2018.

Game Awards starts off with World War Z trailer. The trailer show off what look like Russia and zombies are infested into the city. My speculators of World War Z will be a zombie survival game like Left for Dead.  You are a party of four or five people fighting off a zombie horde. The game will be developed by Saber Interactive and based off Max Brooks’s World War Z novel.  I have to see more of World War Z in the near Future.

Here are games to look forward to in 2018?

Owlchemy Lab release a trailer for their new VR game  Vacation Simulator. This is the same company who did Job Simulator. In the trailer, you are in vacation eating hotdogs, relaxing in the sun and talking to robots.  If you want any vacation plans or VR be should to buy this game went it release.

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Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #1

Gaming blogger could excel more than food, travel and fashion bloggers.  Here is the unity for gaming blogs and rockstars. In order to be successful in  blogging, there is alot of networking you have to do.  The video game market is very saturated and it’s a tough niche. I when to Twitter and found some gaming blogging websites to look into. We gamers have to support one other and if you want to have unity in blogging. Here is are some rock star gaming blogger I found out. Note: some of them have account and can’t comment on them.

11. AVGL- a video game life

AVGL is a video game blogger who talks about latest video game and has a YouTube channel.  Featuring let’s play on Battleborn, DOTA, Agents of Mayhew and more. Aside from gaming Jonathan post soccer games, UFC matches and tech stuff. Follow Jonathan Hirt on Twitter , Facebook and his blog.

10. NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

NekoJonez’s gaming blog does reviews, retrospective, first impressions and publishing. Neko has a forum,  Twitter  , Youtube , Steam , Tumblr   and Google+  page. Make sure to follow and support NekoJonez.  NekoJonez is partnered with other gaming bloggers and won award for  Market Inspector Best Technology Blog of 2017. Neko is a aspirating actor and has a community called Arpegi. Be sure to check out Neko’s gaming blog.

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Video Game Journalism – Is It Fact or Is It Opinion?

What is wrong with Video Game Journalism ?

Journalism has change throughout decades now we got technology and the internet can we voice out their opinions. Video games news can come from prints and the World Wide Web. Magazines like GameFormer, Nintendo Power, Official Playstation and Xbox Magazines coverage basely every video games content there is. Without the internet or magazines we will have to watch TV to look up with is coming out.

Video game magazines have everything you need to know about video games just like any other magazines. It contents reviews, editorial, interviews with developers and people, fan art or mail and coverage on the latest games. As myself I read these magazine and I was integrate by what does developers have to say about the game. Nowadays, you can find news on gaming by going to IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, NG4, Sliconera and Polygon sites.

Bloggers has a voice too

What about the bloggers? I am a gaming blogger that reports on video games content and I am not working at a news company. Stating the fact and opinion is what I do and I don’t want to cause controversy and make anybody upset. I just like to write about video games and it’s my passion to do it.

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Speedrunners – How Fast Can You Complete a Game

What is the term of speedrunning?

Which a gamer record his or herself completing a game in a certain amount of time. As a Speedrunner you have to be good at the game and know how to game works. In history Speedrunners are members of an online communities and it’s a subculture in the gaming world.  Find all secrets on the map to complete the game at 100%.

Quack had a project called Quake done Quick which the members of the project. Making a move featuring Quake gameplay in 0:19:49 real time.  Wall jumping to allow players to skip over large areas of the game.  Speedrunner Nolan Pflug completed the game within 1 hour 37 minutes and it was feature on Slashdot. How fast could players beat a game? Will you put your skills to the test?

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Video Game Voice Actor Strike 2017 – We Want Better Money #PerformanceMatters

Video Game Voice Actor Strike is an ongoing union organization by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. If you don’t know what this strike is about I will give you a backstory. About 25% of video games has voice acting, motion capture and live action full motion video. As the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artist merged, video games companies set standard rates of four-hour recording session. The pay in 2005 was $759 and 2013 was $800 per session, the actors wanted a higher rate from the game developer or published. The video game industry was worth $11 billion and the film industry business has $100 billion globally. Video game industry doesn’t promoted the actor behind the character voice unlike television and film due to consumers willing to purchase due to the actor feature on the game. Actor had additional gigs such as television and animation due to not making a living off of voicing video games characters. The strike continues in 2016, SAG-AFTRA stated that “to transparency in the voice actor hiring processes so that actors are aware of what types of roles and performances they are to be hired for, issues related to the “vocally stressful” roles, and having more safety precautions while actors were on-set”. These cause video game developers and published such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Insomniac Games, Take 2 Interactive and WB Games to repay all voice actors that started production after February 17, 2015


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Are Video Games Play Like a Cinematic Film and Movies?

Video games are turning into movies?

Kevin Spacey!

In years of video gaming, the industry has evolve into a franchise which take the player for a ride like a roller coaster. The thrill of being a protagonist whether female or male, talking a journey on their story and having a connection with the game. As for cutscenes in video games some can be iconic or tell a story about the game. Let me tell you a history of in-game cutscenes, in 1980s Pac-man was the first game that has cut scene, for example Pac-Man and Blinky chasing each other after winning the stage. Later there is a laserdisc games called Beg Battle which features full-motion video (FMV) with video acting. After cut scenes was incorporated in Prince of Persia, Maniac Mansion and Zero Wing (which has that meme “All your base are belong to us”. Cut-scenes are mostly in CD-Roms due to the amount of media data storage in the disc. It can’t be in a game cartridge because they will have to compress it into kilobits. Video Game developer Ron Gilbert stated “that player has no control over cutscenes”, I beg to differ maybe back in the 80s but nowadays there is a term called “quick time event” I will explain that later and you can skip it too. There is a different types of cutscenes such as live action for example Wing Commander IV and The Lord of the Ring. They use actors such as Mark Hamil or Malcom McDowell to play the characters in the game. As for movie-tie games, they used film footage to what the game is based off. Pre-render cut-scenes which uses CGI or cel animation for example Final Fantasy VII and Grim Fandango.


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AAA Titles Games and VR Is So 80s Says Cliff Bleszinski

Quality over quantity


Cliff Bleszinski did a panel at Dubrovnik’s Reboot Develop 2017, where he talks about state of AAA games and what they cost $60 and DLC. Bleszinski quoted that “nearly unsustainable” due to the very high on aspects like graphics, feature sets, polish and overall quality. He used examples such as  Horizon: Zero Dawn due to the seven years of development and says  “its main focus is actually to sell PlayStation consoles rather than just copies of the game”.  Bleszinski also presented  Digital AA games such as Warframe, Rocket League and RUST  and his own Lawbreaker saying that due to the limited budget these games are successful. As for the “VR is in the 80s period” which Bleszinski quoted in the panel.  Bleszinski is a fan of VR since the 80s due to array of wave person shooter during the Atari days.  Bleszinski worries about developers s learning how to properly use VR and the technology itself still constantly improving in the near feature.


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Are You Spending Too Much Money On Gaming Hardware and Titles?

Are spending too much money for gaming?


As a gamer you want to get the most cutting edge tech and the last AAA Titles for the new gen systems. Based on the statistic by New Consoles Revive the Ailing Gaming Industry sales on hardware when up $314 million in July 2010 and in the July 2013 sales drop $99 million. As for software in July 2010 sales when up to $403 million and July 2013 sales when down on July 2013 does it mean the later years sales on hardware and software goes down as well. There is another chart that PC and console games growth based on Video Games Revenue. In 2011 there is a spike for console gaming sales by $25 and in 2015 PC gaming sales when up between $20-25. As for sales dropping there is none in console gaming but in 2008, PC gaming drop between $15 and $10. Are we spending more on hardware or software it could be debate ever way, there is a concept for gaming hardware and software where you can get discounts on computer equipment called Cyber Monday. It’s a day that you shop online for discounts. People think it’s a day about buying computers hardware and other form of Technology but that’s not the case. You buy other products such as things such as toys, videos games, clothes and etc.

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Why Esports Gaming not Big as Mainstream Sports?

Can Esports be entertaining as any sport


Well we all heard of Sports like NFL (National Football League), NHL (National Hockey League), NBA (National Basketball League) and MLB (Major League Baseball), but what is there a sport where gamers who win big and being a part of a team. Esports which stand for Electronic Sports, put the top players around the world to face each other in competitive gaming. Esports export different genres of video games such as MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), FPS (first-person shooter), fighting game, and real-time strategy. It all started in 1970s through 1980s, there was a competition (which attracting more than 10,000 participants) of Space Invaders on Atari and Spacewar at Stanford University. There was organization called Twin Calaxies that helps promote video games and publicize through publications. That’s when America has its first video game group Called U.S. National Video Game Team, they are involved in running Video Game Masters Tournament for Guinness World Records. In 1980s Esports was in TV shows such as That’s Incredible! And Starcade, which the goals is to beat the person’s high score to win. In the 1990s, there were internet connection and the first online pc game was Netrek (which is a online game up to 16 players) and was “the first online sports game” stated by Wired Magazine. It opens up other gaming tournament such as 1990 Nintendo World Champions which held in Universal Studios Hollywood, California and Professional Gamers League which as the game Counter-Strike, Warcraft and Quake.

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Why Gamer Girls Rock!

Where are my female gamers out there stand up!


As you know video games demographic are majority of males but that’s back in the 1980s. Fast forward to 2017 women are playing video games even more, they like same genre as males do such as shooter, fighters, rpgs, mmos and many more. Not just gamer but also developers as well, there is more strong female protagonists than ever before just like males. I like to sidetrack on something, as you know when you create a character as a male gamer, there are options for gender (man and women) normally as a male your choose man and the female choose women but nowadays both male and female choose the opposite. Female gamer as nerds too and a huge fan of video games, you see them cosplaying, form group, design, entertain on online (such as YouTube and Twitch). There is some negative aspects on the gaming girl culture such as getting harass online for example Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian incident involving GamerGate, look at as an object for sex and not treating them as a male gamer and etc. We need to respect out women gamers but there are some creeps out who don’t treat female like a princess.


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