Indies of the Week #46 – Diverse Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week # 46. This Sunday’s theme is diverse, in indies games different genre come together. Diverse in indies such as characters, style and many more. Let’s see what indies we have today.

Indie 4. Ganbare! Super Strikers – Rese

Ganbare! Super Strikers  takes inspiration from manga such as Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven. This game has a mixture of tactical rpg and soccer.  Customize your team and player with items to boost stats. Learn special abilities along with anime style cutscenes.  Each ability altered stats such as sleep, silence and poison. Story mode is players take a role of a japanese team on their way to the World Cup. Game modes also available Quick Match, League and Tournament.  Download Ganbare! Super Strikers on and support Rese.

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Indies of the Week #39 – Surprising Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the Week #39 this sunday. I hope you had a surprising Veterans Day weekend I did a post yesterday thanking all the vets who served.  Let’s get right to today’s theme surprising, indies are full of wonders. Indie developers want to surprise based on playing the game. For example, popular culture references, paying homage and out of the world gameplay. Here are some indie games to check out and support .

Indie 8.   Slashers: The Power Battle – Stun Games

Slashers: The Power Battle is a 2D fighting indie game that takes inspiration from Street Fighter 3, Last Blade, Samurai Shodown and Guilty Gear. It has fluid animation, simple 4 controls (  Slash, Big Slash, Kick, Chaos) and other input modes. Tutorial mode for beginners,  11 playable fighters plus free dlc. Game modes such as network, arcade, story, versus and combo challenge. Customize characters and buy accessories with in-game currency. Cartoon-like graphics reminds of Burning Rival  , tactical mechanic  such as Counter Block, Power Recovery and Chaos Break. Choose up to two styles red and blue chaos move types.  Slashers: The Power Battle is available now for Early Access on Steam.   For more information on Slashers: The Power Battle  got to Stun Games website.

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Indies of the Week #8 – Animated Indie Gaming Sunday

Get animated


Welcome to another indies of the week! Today’s theme is animated which indie developer has a unique art style and gameplay from cartoonish and anime-like.  Lets see what indies out coming out

5. Psycho Bob – Libeedo


This indie is a run n gun plaformer game, it also has co-op if you want to play with a friend. This game takes inspiration from Metal Slug, Max Payne and Contra along with Evil Dead. The graphic is 2.5D with 360 degree angle, rag-doll physics, is present in this game. You plat as a lobotomized lab monkey named Bob who is a gun towing, speaking of weapons you have rocket lanchers, shotgun and many more. You fight to hordes of clones and mutants. If you want a crazy run n gun this is for you.  Psycho Bob is in Steam Greenlight make sure you support it.

download (1)

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Indies of the Week #3 – Unorthodox Indie Gaming Sunday

Usually art and gameplay.


Welcome to another indies of the week! This week is theme is unorthodox which relates to the art direction and gameplay. Sorry I was missing a number but I am on the right now. There are some indies that need attention and what you should check out and support,  let’s get started on

5. Schwarzerblitz – Andrea “Jens” Demetrio


This is a indie fighting that’s written in C++ and runs on a engine called Irrlicht graphic engine.  This reminds me of the PS1 fighting game era with 3D polygon back in the early 1997. You have five button layout  Guard, Punch, Kick, Tech and Trigger, trigger is a one-button combo breaker and also lead to combos. There is impact blows which you can send the opponent flying and a fluid combo system which you can execute long combos. Where are 6 playable character with extended moveset (20 later), ring outs like Virtua Fighter with 9 stages and modded your own character.  If you love 3D ploygon fighting game this game is for you.  Schwarzerblitz is still in development and you can download the alpha here (make sure you read the instruction on how to make the game work) .

schwarzerblitz - fps_1 11_03_2017 21_40_00-7tgwixgg.png

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Indies of the Week #7 – ColorFul Indie Gaming Sunday

Beautiful colorful indie games


Welcome to another Indies of the Week #7, today’s theme is colorful, indie games that have color graphic and artistic styles. With further ado let’s get on with it.

4. Cosmic Express –  Cosmic Engineers


This is a cute indie game which you can construct train tack in space. You can choose different color schemes and  guaranteed to give you hours of frustrating fun across hundreds of levels (which the developers stated).  You control cute little aliens and colorful environments. If you want a cute  puzzle game this is for you. Cosmic Express is available now on Steam also visit the website for more info. Note: this game won awards for IMGA Global 2017, IndiePlus 2017, Indie Megabooth GDC 2017 and Google Play Indie Corner PAX 2016.

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Indies of the Week #5 – Fantasy Indie Gaming Sunday

Takes you of a world like you never gone before.


Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week, I will be covering Fantasy indie games. Which a indie game can take you into a world were anything is possible, ever becoming a hero and try to get out.  There is along of indies we have to get to, make sure you previous post for what indies are you plan on getting.

6. Narita Boy – Studio Koba


This game is a 80s style like classic 2D scroller action indie game  with rich pixel art graphics. The plot of the game is you are a hero with a Techno Sword defending a Digital Kingdom from  Stallion invasion (enemies in the game). The core mechanics in this game you can ride on computer theme vehicles, uses attacks, digital magic and collect items such as comics (which provides clues of the game), floppy disk (which upgrades your blade and magic). Check out the Kickstarter page and support the game to earn rewards. Note:this indie got great reviews already and I am hoping to check it out.


5.Uurog – Nifflas’ Games


This indie look like a fun 2D platforming puzzle game, all you have to do is to steal animals (lol) and keep them in a room. The graphic reminds you of Pac-man and the soundtrack is subtle. Speaking of that you can make your own music and puzzles in this game. The game features co-op, cubes that say 1650 phrases and voiced by 22 people. Watch for mischievous ai characters and explosives in the room. Note: there is also a secret developer mode (Press F12 in the main menu) if you want to try it. Make sure you buy the game and support the company, Visit the website for more information.

Screen Shot 6.png

4. The Inner Darkness –  Nauris Amatnieks


This indie is a 2d platformer/puzzle game which you play as a man with a stomach wound waking up in a strange world. You must solve a mystery behind it all and find help.What stands out from this game is the pixel art and the switch between dimension mechanic. If you love a unique and force story indie buy the game it’s available now on Steam


3. . Caveman Warriors – JanduSoft


This game is a 4-player beat’em up game which inspired by Metal Slug, New Super Mario, Joe and Mac, Trine and Castle Crashers. The ploy is that aliens take about babies without permission and you have to rescue them. The feautres 8 levels, 1-4 player co-op, different mechanic such as a runner, platformer and etc. You can choose up to 4 playable characters with unique skills along with bosses. I am liking the colorful graphics and the gameplay, if you want to try this game, there is a demo and a kickstarter page to support the game.


2. Shadows of Adam – Something Classic Games LLC


This indie is a classic jrpg style game with compelling character driven story. The plot is you journey in a world to save Adam and his father from darkness. You play as four characters with unique skills and magic. There is a battle AP Management Battle System which AP is restored each round with defeating enemies also encourage fast combat and skill use. The graphic are visual style SNES with pixel art and the soundtrack has strong melody and emotional connection for each character and area. Note: the game reminds you of Lufia, if you want a colorful SNES rpg it’s available now on Steam.


1. Holobunnies: Pause Café – Q-bit Games


This game is a cute 2D boss -rush/runner/ brawler indie game, The Holobunnies are a family of quirky, space-faring, holographic, bipedal bunnies seeking to find a new home amongst the stars. In this game , you can fight with a firend and foe in local 2-player along with  5+ brawler maps, 4 different Holobunnies and powerups. Fight through classic q-bit Games and sprint through 10+ worlds. The graphics in this game are pixel art and melodic soundtrack. If you want a indie that has mix genres this is for you. This game is available to play but it’s only for  17 days but the full version might come out soon.


That’s pretty all for Indies of the Week and tune for next Sunday and make sure to support these great indies and I would like to see more.


Indies of the Week #4 -Cartooney Indie Gaming Sunday

Wacky and cartoonish visual games.



Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week, today’s theme is cartooney which is a type of graphics and style. Check out the previous post of indies to check out,   Here are today’s indies.

3. 8  Doors – Rootless Studios

8 door.PNG

This game is a multiple ending indie rpg which you play as a girl named Lily who journeys to the afterlife to solve a mystery of the death of her father and bring him back to life. She meets up with king of Afterlife Yama and he request Lily to became a reaper to bring her father back. This game is made with RPG Maker and it’s unique graphics. The combat system is turn-based and you can choose to attack, skill, special, guard and items.


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Indies of the Week #2 – Graphics Indie Gaming Sunday

These are are graphic cartoonish to black/white.


Welcome to another option of Indies of the Week this weeks theme is graphics which the indies I am about to list have unique graphics and check out last weeks picks. Should these indie game more recognition I think so, let’s see what indies we got this week.

5. Slice Dice & Rice – Dojo Games


This is a indie fighting inspired by Bushido Blade (anybody play that game in the old day), the only way to win is to defeat your opponent with one strike. You have to remember the move and the developers remove the move-list, the gameplay you can dodge, parry and counter your opponent’s strikes. There are 8 playable characters with unique abilities, 6 stages along with graphic novel style graphics. If you want a samurai-like fighting game then vote for it on Stream Greenlight.   Note: There is no health bars in this game.


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Indies of the Week #1 – Introduction Indie Gaming Sunday

Which Indie will you buy and look forward to?


I am creating a new series to recognize indie game that are being developed and looking to get exposure from this blog post. As you know I post once a week now since I normally do 2-3 times a week but I just want to grow my YouTube and Twitch channel as side projects. I hoping to do this full-time someday but it’s of now it’s just a hobby. Without further ado let talk about indies of the week, I will be select indies to promote and it’s done once a week on Sundays. I think it’s a great way of showcase some indies that people never heard about and I might come of with a theme soon.  Let’s look at some indies that are being developed or just released.

4. Gunmetal Arcadia – Minor Key Games


This is the sequel to Gunmetal Arcadia Zero and this is an roguelike action adventure indie game which the gameplay and graphics reminds you of a NES game. You play as 5 playable elf fighters who is up against the Unmade Empire. In your adventure, you collect 75+ items, 40  legacy events and rewards and as well as customization and upgrade you character with editable preset slots. This game reminds you of Zelda II and Authentic 8-bit soundtrack with 8-bit graphics. Buy this game if you are a fan of 8-bit NES style games and support Minor Key Games. Gunmetal Arcadia is available now on Steam and also buy Buy Minor Key Games Complete Collection BUNDLE too. 


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Gaming Controllers For Your PC

Who says controllers only be used on consoles?


We already know you need a controller to play a game and without it you don’t control we is going on in the game. Every video game console needs a control but what about for your computer. In the 80s -90s you needed a device called a Joystick which model after a mechanism in the fighter jet cockpit (where your steer and buttons to fire missiles and machine guns. Joysticks can be in the category as arcade stick (controls you see in the arcade), Gamepad and etc. Here is some history, The Germans developed the two-axis joystick in 1994 and was used as a radio control transmitter system used in certain German bomber aircraft, used to guide both the rocket-boosted anti-ship missile Henschel Hs 293, and the unpowered pioneering precision-guided munition Fritz-X. In the video game era, Ralph H. Baer created the first video game joystick in 1967 with horizontal and vertical controls on a spot on a screen.After 1960s joystick evolved and became gamepads, for example NES gamepad layout is has four buttons (A. B, Start and Select) along with directional pad (Up, Down, Right and Left). The design of the control is a brick which the first game is Super Mario which I guess they have the idea from.

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