Street Fighter V Is Getting an Arcade Edition Not Surprised

Another Street Fighter V update yay!

Ladies and Gentlemen Capcom has did it again. Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is on the way. During Street Fighter VI  arcade release capcom is cash cowing fans.  DLCs for stages, characters and game mode to pay for extra content. Fans of the series are restless and paying for out of pocket. Although Street Fighter content is not free and customers should get what there are barging for. Capcom announced Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for Steam and PlayStation coming in 2018.  Upcoming content is coming to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. SFV Arcade Edition will have new V Trigger moves. Extra battle modes such based on fan feedback. New user interface removing the old one and giving more life. Gallery mode for viewing concept art, character voices and etc.

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Capcom Files for DMCA On Street Fighter V Mod Videos

Why Capcom?

Capcom is not happy with people modding their game. Street Fighter V has been out for sometime. Fan of the series want to put their own twist in the game. For example, modding character to look like iconic characters such as Harley Quinn, Sombera from Overwatch, Zero Suit Samus and many more. Not just character but swimsuits, hairstyles, clothing and more. Two modder Khaledantar666 and BrutalAce were hit with the DMCA notice for using copywritten material. Khaledantar666 has ceased his modding activity and says “Patreon will cease, they will continue to create mods and operate on their various other channels”. Khaledantar666 will not make mod for Street Fighter V anymore but focus making mods for other games.

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Street Fighter V Removes DLC Temple Hideout Stage for Islamic Chant

Capcom is undefire for BGM music


Capcom release a DLC stage for Street Fighter V called Temple Hideout  from Street Fighter 2 but the BGM music got a Islamic Chant in it. Some people was offended by this because of religious references, Capcom remove the DLC for PSN, Xbox Store and Steam and quickly replace the background music. For player who already download the stage their will be a emergency  maintenance update for the stage. The replace for the DLC stage will be Bison’s Street Fighter V theme, note the edited version of the Temple Hideout will release on a later date. If you want to listen to the soundtrack (1:20 mark), in my opinion is that company should be careful with these types of things like religious, race and gender. You don’t know who you might offended because this is not the only time Capcom face backslash.


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Is Street Fighter V Video Game Worth Getting or Buying?

Will Capcom put more content in this game?

Artwork by sakimichan

What is Street Fighter V?

Capcom latest installment of Street Fighter is here. There are mixed reviews on this game and the main complaint is lack of content. Which it’s inacceptable for a fighting game and loss of value to the game. If you don’t know what Street Fighter is a fighting game that been around seen the 80s and the best-selling franchise in Capcom. It features fighting from different countries and other fighting games take influence from this. There are Street Fighter TV shows, movies, comics and many other merchandise. In Street Fighter V, there are  new characters  Laura Matsuda , Rashid , F.A.N.G.and Necalli. There are returning character from Street Fighter II, Alpha, IV and Third

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