Indies of the Week #47 – Doubtful Indie Gaming Sunday

Happy Sunday and welcome to another addition of Indies of the week. Today’s theme for day  is doubtful.  Certain indie game can be doubtful because of genre. For example, a visual novel style can turn into role-playing. What about horror transforms into hack n’ slash? Developer could tricks the mines of players alike. Let’s see what is doubtful in the indies you will see today.

Indie 5.   Nightmarchers – Wyrmbyte

Nightmarchers is a third-person open world  action rpg shooter. The game is set in Oahu, Hawaii and player take the role of Kai. He has a hidden power within him and his father Honu. Kai is on a mission to take down  Kamapua, a god pig who destroyed Kai village. Nightmarchers has a various method of combat, stealth, gun-blazing and spells. Kai can became a demi god and learn abilities from gods of Hawaii. Unlock 40 skills and upgrades to your abilities. Explore over 50 villages and locations in Oahu Island. Nightmarchers brings national landmarks and stories about Oahu. The player can change deicide how they game plays. This game does reminds of Far Cry 3 and will you help Kai rebuild Oahu. Support Nightmarchers on Fig and Wyrmbyte

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Indies of the Week #46 – Diverse Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week # 46. This Sunday’s theme is diverse, in indies games different genre come together. Diverse in indies such as characters, style and many more. Let’s see what indies we have today.

Indie 4. Ganbare! Super Strikers – Rese

Ganbare! Super Strikers  takes inspiration from manga such as Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven. This game has a mixture of tactical rpg and soccer.  Customize your team and player with items to boost stats. Learn special abilities along with anime style cutscenes.  Each ability altered stats such as sleep, silence and poison. Story mode is players take a role of a japanese team on their way to the World Cup. Game modes also available Quick Match, League and Tournament.  Download Ganbare! Super Strikers on and support Rese.

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Indies of the Week #45 – Nostalgia Indie Gaming Sunday

What is indie theme for Sunday?

Happy new year to all and welcome to the first indies of the week in 2018! Today theme is nostalgia this sunday morning. Indies games remind you on past video game. There will be some indies that touch your gaming childhood.  Here is some indies that will remind you of 80s or 90s.

4. Happiness Drops – ARES Inc

Happiness Drops is a puzzle falling game which you play as 5 magical girls. The game has a blend of visual novel elements and high anime tone. There are several game modes which as story, endless, versus and ranking. Goal of the game is to cluster your opponent with blocks to win.  Each magical girl has unique skills and personalities.  Happiness Drop look like a fun puzzle game for anime fans and it’s available now on Steam.

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Indies of the Week #44 – Inspired Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome gamers  it’s Indies of the Week #44 this Sunday.  It’s the end of 2017 as we know it.  2018 is tomorrow and time does flies. Indies game are inspired by many things. Which is the theme for today indies of the week.  Game developers inspired retro and present games to their own. Let see what today’s indie brings us.

Battle High 2 A+

Battle High 2 A+ is a fast pace fighting game that has Street Fighter elements. The setting of Battle High is in  San Bruno High where students are strip from there powers. Battle High 2 A+ is a sequel with improved graphics, balancing and  two new characters (Lucio Marmo and Beat). Battle High 2 A+ has voice acting, 15 playable characters and 2 music themes for each character.  Each character has special moves and supers along with combos.  Local multiplayer is available and arcade mode. Will you uncover the mystery behind student losing power? Battle High 2 A+ is available now on Steam and support Mattrified Games.

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Cuphead – Don’t Make Deals With the Devil Indie Video Game Review

Cuphead is a difficult run and gun indie game developed StudioMDHR. The game pay homage to 1930s cartoon and most unique design in an indie. The plot of Cuphead revolves around two brothers Cuphead and Mugman wander into Devil’s Casino. Cuphead and Mugman was on a winning streak but the Devil was no happy. Both brothers loss and beg for their lives to the Devil. The Devil gives them a proposition if they collect the contracts of debtor. The Devil will free them and the story goes from there. During the development of Cuphead, two brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer was inspired by cartoon that came from Fleischer Studios and Disney. Also cartoon drawing style of Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick, and Willard Bowsky. Moldenhauers watch 1930 cartoons with VHS collection during their childhood.

What is History of Cuphead?

Moldenhauers debate on what gameplay Cuphead will have and attempted to make it in 200. Due to lack of tools to continue the production. After the successful indie Super Meat Boy, Moldenhauers brother try to produce Cuphead once more. Inspiration for Cuphead comes a 1936 Japanese propaganda animated film. Where a man with a teacup for a head, Moldenhauers took notice and run with it. Moldenhauers created 150 different character design for Cuphead ranging from tophat kappa and a person with a fork for a head. Chad Moldenhauer uses hand-drawn animation and using watercolors for the background. Chad uses Photoshop to colorize the game and animation runs in 24 frames per second. Moldenhauer brothers hire an Ontario Jazz musician and a Brooklyn animator for the project. Moldenhauer brothers describing Cuphead as difficult retro game and StudioMDHR plans to surpass the Guinness World Records. For number of 30 boss battles, visuals and number of people working on the game.

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Indies of the Week #43 – Seasonal Indie Gaming Sunday

Hello and welcome to a special edition of Indies of the Week. This Sunday it’s seasonal and just in time for the Holidays. We explore the seasonal time in December but that’s today’s theme.  Seasonal in indies is based on the setting of the game. An Indie game can talk places on a snowy night or autumn.  Whatever case may be it brings out the tone of the game.  Here are some indies to look for in 2018 or this year.

Indie 5. Chambara – Team Ok LLC

Chambara is a first-person sword fighting action indie game. The game reminds you of Blind Blades but in 3D form. Hide in black and white world for stealth to surprise your opponents. There is local multiplayer choose 1vs1 or 2vs2 with  friends. All gamepads are available PS4, Xbox One and many more. Use your blade, umbrella and shurikens  in your arsenal. Chambara will be available now on Steam and support Team ok LLC development.

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Indies of the Week #42 Raising – Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week this Sunday. Today’s theme is raising. Raising a monster or character make  them stronger. It’s like raising a child and teach them about the world.  Indies games, there is a genre called simulation which is sort of raising and a bit more casual. Let’s talk a look at some indies games about raising.

Indie 5.   Boot Hill Bounties – Experimental Gamer Studios

Boot Hill Bounties is a western rpg revolves about four heroes willing to save their homes .It takes inspiration from  90s RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.  The game has four-player local co-op which you can assign characters and control all four heroes.Soundtrack is made by Jake Kaufman who worked on Shantae, Duck Tales and Shovel Knight.  The combat is turn-based but with a twist, your party doesn’t have to wait for their turn.No random encounters but face and defeat 250 enemies. Customization is apart of this game such as your weaponry. Find jobs on a newspaper, farming, side quests and eat 50 types of food.   Sneak up on enemies to get an advantage, camping with your party members and  encounter mysteries. Will you hunt down these outlaws? Boot Hill Bounties is available on Steam and support Experimental Gamer Studios.

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Indies of the Week #41 – Disrupt Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week # 41 this Sunday. Before I get to the theme for today. I am been at Anime USA 2017 yesterday and last Friday. It was no indies there but I had fun. Anime 2017 blog post will be on Friday before Christmas shopping . Today’s theme is disrupt in indies you have a primary objective. There is a disrupt or obstacle that you must overcome to achieve it. Let’s see what indies we have in store for us gamers.

5. Juicy Realm – SpaceCan

Juicy Realm is a rogue-like shooter indie game.   Plants  are eating human and now human are the top of the food chain. In gameplay, players gain weapons , items and gear to fight off human-eating plants. Defend of and expand your  based camp. Play alone or with friends in campaign mode. If you don’t end of plant food support SpaceCan. Follow SpaceCam on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

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Indies of the Week #40 – Giving Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another giving Indies of the Week #40 this gaming Sunday. I hope you had a had a great Indies Thanksgiving.  Today’s theme is giving in indies game, which developers indies give the fans something to look forward to. Gameplay, characters and storyline in indies.  Last Tuesday was all about giving but I am late. Let’s see what indies we have today.

Indie 8. Slam Fighter II – Team Dogpit

Slam Fighter II is a rhythm/fighting indie game. The concept is insulting your opponent and responding to it. Slam Fighter II has a single-player campaign, versus mode and 10 EDM tracks. Players can use keyboard and controller  in the game. Six playable characters have strengths and weakness , six stages, resolution  640×480 and more.  There is gallery mode with unlock profiles and character art. Slam Fighter II is available now on Steam and visit Team Dogpit website.

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Toonstruck – Cute and Nasty Cartoons Video Game Retro Review

What is Toonstruck?

Toonstruck is an adventure point and click game which features actor Christopher Lloyd. The game has FMV with 2D animation blend in with live action. The plot of the Toonstruck follows an animator named Drew Blanc and creator of Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show. Drew’s boss Sam Schmaltz want him to designed more bunnies for the show. Drew felt asleep and Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show was on 2AM in the morning. Next thing Drew gets transported in a cartoon world where he meets Flux Wildly. Flux tells Drew that he will help him get back to the real world.

If Drew helps Flux to stop Count Nefarious from making cartoon world dark and adult. Later on Drew and Flux meet King Hugh who tells them to find items for the Cutifier. Cutifier is a mechanism that counter’s Count Nefarious’s The Malevolator. The story goes from there and Drew meets other characters from Cutopia, Zanyu and Malevoland.

What does Toonstuck offer?

The gameplay is old-school point and click adventure. You can move Drew and also use Flux to do things. During interaction with characters, there will be icons on the bottom left corner. Ice icon is to continuing to talk to the character. Stop hand icon is to leave the conversation and there are special ones as well. Live action actors such as Christopher Lloyd and Ben Stein make an appearance in this game. Popular 90s voice actors such as Tress MacNeile, Rob Paulsen, Corey Button Jim Cummings, Jeff Bennett and Frank Welker. It was great to hear those voices out of these characters.

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