Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV – Lucis Vs Niflheim Movie Review

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is a CGI prequel to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy video game. The movie doesn’t focus on Noctis Lucis Caelum but a new main character Nyx Ulric. Noctis father Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII does make an appearance in this film. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is not the only CGI Final Fantasy movie ever made. There are Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within make sure to check these movies out. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV plot is Niflheim is at war with Lucis. King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII want to end the war between Niflheim, Regis purpose a peace treaty with Niflheim emperor Iedolas Aldercapt. Not just a peace treaty but arrange marry with Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and princess of Tenebrae Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

History and production of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy

Nyx Ulric (voiced by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul) who is a member of the Kingsglaive guard. Nyx is task by commander Titus Drautos (voiced by Adrian Bouchet) to protect Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (voiced by Lena Headey) from Niflheim. He learns about mysterious of Lucis and afraid of saving the people he cares about.  Since, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV was made and decided to make additional media. They want a similar style of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and have a connection to Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy mythos and stories.

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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tribute and Gaming Coverage

What is great about Final Fantasy?

As of today Final Fantasy turns 30th and has been an Iconic role- playing game of all time. I been playing Final Fantasy in the 90s and enjoy the story and music. Final Fantasy franchise has talking Japan by storm with characters and fandom. Let’s talk about my experience with Final Fantasy. The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation. Final Fantasy 7 is a great game Cloud was an interesting character and along with Aerith, Tifa and Sephiroth. Remember playing Final Fantasy all night see what was going to happen next. Facing bosses and leveling was amazing.

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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Crown Prince Anime Review

What is Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV?

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a 5-part anime ONA based on Square Enix’s hit game Final Fantasy XV. Brotherhood is directed by Soichi Masui and animated by A-1 Pictures. This is not the only time Square Enix and A-1 Pictures did a collab together, it was a short animated flim called “On the way to a Smile”. Which was a part of Final Fantasy VII: Children Complete Edition, both Square Enix and A-1 Pictures was willing to work together again. The plot is the same as game but the ONA explore the backstory of Noctis’s loyal companions Gladiolus Amicitia, Prompto Argentum, and Ignis Scientia.

During the development of the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.  Due to budget of Brotherhood being a free anime, the creators want the anime to a wide audience.

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No Final Fantasy XV Sequel and Square Enix X Ubisoft Collaboration

Why no Final Fantasy sequel?

This is double the Final Fantasy XV news and before we get to no sequel. Let talk about the collaboration with Square and Ubisoft. During Gamescon 2017, it’s announce that a free Assassin Creed festival.  DLC is coming to Final Fantasy XV in August 31. In addition, event will start on August 30. Get the Dream Egg from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. The player will obtain a Assassin Creed costume for Noctis.  In the day of August 31, the festival will begin and you have to go to Lestallum. There you will play mingames and obtain items  for Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus.

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Final Fantasy XV – Guys Day Out Review

What is Final Fantasy XV?

This is one of the first Final Fantasy XV open world action role-playing game I ever played.  I have play Kingdom Hearts (which is action RPG) and enough about that, Square Enix outdid themselves with this. With the outstanding CGI work in the cutscenes, character design and environments along with a dynamic battle system.  The project hit a snag sue to trouble development and talks about rebranding the mainline entry.

The rebranding shifted with the next-gen consoles of 2015 along with a next engine called Luminous Studios. Hajime Tabata took over Tetsuya Nomura in the developed team and want the project to remain as true to original. Along with characters on the original story opening and replaced the main heroine Stella Nox Fleurets (Lunafreya). The main concept Tabata and Nomura wanted is a fantasy based on reality  Eros. Which is based on real world location like Tokyo, Venice ad Bahamas.

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Life Is Strange – Photography Time Travel Story Review

Hanging with a your bestie

Life is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. You play as Max Caulfield who can rewind to save from any tough situation she is in. The plot is that Max is a student of Blackwell Academy in Acadia Bay, Oregon she has a vision of a tornado and a lighthouse being destroyed. Later on, you will meet her BFF Chloe Price (one of my favorite character of the game) and save her from being shot from Nate Prescott. Also there is a missing girl named Rachel Amber and game goes from there. In this game you solve puzzles, interact with classmates, family members and other and take phots of animals and landmarks. There are 5 episodes in this game, Chrysalis (Max discover her rewind ability), Out of Time (Max tires to stop Kate Marsh from suicide), Chaos Theory (Max and Chloe explore the secrets of Blackwell Academy), Dark Room (Chloe and Max uncover a dark room) and Polarized (Max travels through time to fix the future).

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Final Fantasy VII – One Winged Angel Retro Review

One of the best Final Fantasy I ever played

Final Fantasy VII is a RPG game developed and published by Square Enix. This game considered one of the one of the greatest games of all time and my favorite childhood games of all time. The game’s plot is about a mercenary named Cloud Strife who joins the eco-terrorist rebel organization AVALANCHE to stop the world-controlling megacorporation Shinra from draining the life of the planet to use as an energy source. Cloud and his allies become involved in a larger world-threatening conflict and face off against Sephiroth. Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi originally planned for the story to take place in New York in the year 1999, and as such, the original script of Final Fantasy VII, which was written by Sakaguchi, was completely different from the finished product and Tetsuya Nomura recalled how Sakaguchi wanted to do something like a detective story and the first part of the story would involve a hot blooded character named Detective Joe who is being pursuit of the of the main characters after blowing up city of Midgar (that’s was the scene of the game based on).

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Square Enix Executive Producer Talks About Possible Final Fantasy Tiles

Shinji Hashimoto share some insights on Square Enix titles


During the Lucca Comics & Games 2016 Square Enix Executive Producer and brand manager Shinji Hashimoto  share some ideas about  Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Ideas on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age are the game is a 10th anniversary and there is no release date. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 there will be not 2.9 and the storyline will go straight to Kingdom Hearts III, however Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth and Hashimoto says “duration will depend on how the player plays, and he believes it won’t be something that will be finished in no time”. Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hashimoto says ” the team is working hard on the game and asks fans to please wait a little longer” and he says “that the rumor of the game being release in 2017 is not true. Final Fantasy X-3,  Hashimoto says Final Fantasy X/X-2’s HD Remaster sold well thanks to all the fans, he acknowledges that fans have expectations after having been presented a bit of its plot in the audio drama. Hashimoto mention that there’s currently facing a wall that cannot be climbed with Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase both being occupied, they’re unable to work on Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy X-3 all at the same time because Square Enix is working on others titles at the main and fans have to wait a little longer.

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