Sonic Forces X Hooters – Sega Promotional Collaboration in Tokyo

What is Hooters?

No one seen this coming on a mile away. Sega and Hooters are coming together to promo Sonic Forces. Last month at Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced they’re doing some promotions. This came out of nowhere, Hooters and Sega teaming up. For those who don’t know what Hooters is lets refresh your memory.  Hooters is a sport bar with hostess dress in orange mini short and white t-shirts. The food Hooter serve are chicken wing with your choice of sauce, onion rings, seafood, salads and burgers. Check out Hooters menu and see what catch your eye. Sega’s latest IP Sonic Force is about, Sonic the Hedgehog leads a team to stop Dr. Eggman and other villains. Classic Sonic returns to add modern Sonic with new characters.

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Sonic Mania – Back to the Genesis Era Video Game Review

What is Sonic Mania?

Take to go back to the past with Sonic Mania. Sonic is back on a new adventure with Tails and Knuckles. Sonic Mania is a fanservice galore for Sonic the Hedgehog fans alike.  Whitehead present and developed a prototype called Sonic Discovery to Takashi lizuka. Lizuka was excited about the prototype and suggest to include old levels from the series. Lizuka and Whiteman came up with the name Sonic Mania.  The story comes after Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic and Tailes journey to Angel Island to investigate a powerful energy reading. Doctor Eggman who steals the Phantom Ruby along his henchmen Hard-Boiled Heavies. Now it’s up to Sonic and Tails to defeat Eggman and Hard-Boiled Heavies for it too late.

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Sega is developing a New Fist of The North Star Game Using Yakuza Engine

A Yakuza style Fist of the North Star?

The creators who brought you Yakuza take on a manga series called Hokuto no Ken (Fist of The North). Sega unveil a trailer of the new IP Hokuto ga Gotoku for Ps4.  The gameplay is similar to Yakuza but with Fist of the North charm. The game will have a original story with characters from the manga such as Shin, Raoh, Rei, Jagi and many more. During the trailer, you seen comedic moments and Kenshiro as a bartender. For those who don’t know what Fist of the North Star is I will give you the run down. Hokuto no Ken is a manga series written by Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara.

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Micheal Jackson was involved in Sonic Franchise?

Is it true Micheal?

Do you think the King of Pop Micheal Jackson was involved in making Sonic? In 2005 Micheal Jackson was brought in to Sega to compose. The music but was fired due to his  1993 child sexual abuse accusations. Later was credited along with musician Cirocco Jones. The music was rework after Micheal Jackson departure. There are some resemblances of his song in Sonic 3 such as Jam sounds identical to Carnvial Night Act 1 and Kunckle Theme sound so much like Blood On The Dance Floor. If you want to here for yourselves here is the video. There is another video by Roger Hector who worked with Micheal Jackson explains how Sega treated him. Brad Buxer who was involved with Micheal and stated that “Micheal didn’t like the music and don’t want to be associated with the game”.Micheal Jackson reminds uncredited  due to arrangements of his music in the game.

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Sega Is Planning On Reviving Their Past Games

Sega is eye on the road to success


During the fiscal year Sega has propose to remastered and bring back their classic titles and IPs.  Sega released to PowerPoint called Road to 2020  and in the presentation  there is some points that Sega points out. First, Create titles that will become global hits,  Revival of major IPs, Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games, expand overseas publishing business and Establish digital marketing business.  Sega is focusing on digital sales, making new IPs and expanding their business throughout the world.  I think this is a good make by Sega because we don’t see to many Sega games other than Bayonetta, Yakuza, Total Wars and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega’s mission is to continuing to create moving experiences and make a profit sales of least Y 30 billions.  Sega is carefully choose their titles and hoping to make a great hit and investments of the IP. The company is planing to make a gobal system to promote development. There are also aiming for moblie devices, computers and console. After Sega make old and new IPs, they will expanded to other regions like Europe, Asia, North American and Domestic that’s their business strategy .


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Sonic Is Going Extreme – A Unreleased Sega Game Revealed

A Sonic game that Sega don’t pass


YouTuber Unseen 64 uncover a hidden Sonic game called Sonic The Hedgehog Extreme which is developed by  Vision Scape Interactive (who also made Rocket Power) but the company didn’t get Sega permission to make the game. The goal of the game is you have as  Sonic and friends  in a Tony Hank style pro-skating game where you do tricks and collection rings. This game was a prototype and there are three modes Mission, Combat and Race.  Here is the details: The project started around 2002 and was heavily inspired by the developers previous titles that they had worked on. They wanted to use the models from Sonic Heroes and use the characters in the hover-boarding prototype. There were mission modes, racing modes, and music from Sonic Adventure 2. The team sat down with Sega to show them the project and ultimately, Sega ended communications with them about the game and moved on to make Sonic Riders on their own. Vision Scape believed that the premise of Riders was strikingly similar to the pitch that was presented two years earlier by Vision Scape.


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Sonic X – New Strange and Dangerous World Anime Review

Gotta go fast with Sonic X

Sonic X is my least favorite Sonic show to watch before to watch before Sonic Satam and Underground. . Alright I watch this show on 4Kids (yes them and they turned all Japanese anime and Americanize it), I thought was an okay show and that’s good as Sonic Satam and Underground. This series is animated by TMS Entertainment (who brought you Detective Conan, Batman: The Animated Series, D.Gayman, Lupin the 3rd and Akira) and directed by Hajime Kamegaki. The process of making the show is Yuji Naka and Yuji Uekawa of Sonic Team created all the original characters and while animated the show it uses non-outlined CGI elements for Sonic’s homing attack and etc. Sega showed and narrated footage of the first few episodes at World Hobby Fair video gaming event in February 2003 with the introduction man characters but there was still frame of a sliver anthropomorphic hedgehog (people speculate that’s Sliver) but it’s was Super Sonic’s early concept. The Japanese seiyus (voice actors) Sanae Kobayashi and Chikao Otsuka found it difficult and unsure about how to portray the characters. The head of Sonic Team Takashi lizuka believed Sonic X will help get exposed for new generation of potential gamers along with merchandise, Naka also hope Sonic will be popular as Pokemon anime series.

What a cute couple

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Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Summary and Breakdown

Will Nintedo Switch be the best Nintendo console?

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 - Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Switch started off with some rave music and light show along with a countdown (it’s not new year eve), Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima welcomes audience for joining the unveiling of Nintendo Switch. Tasumi stated that Nintendo release the Nintendo Switch video last year in October explain the dock and joy-con controllers.  The presentation will go more in depth with the hardware and software.  The release date is March 3, 2017 in US, Canada, Europe, Japan and price  29,980 (Japan) and North America (299.99), if you live in Europe check with your retailer for the price. Nintendo Switch has a online service, there will be a smart device app you can invite player , set play appointments and chat. The service will be for free (it’s a trial period) and it will be paid service in the fall 2017, more detail will be on a later date. Tatsumi also talk about Region Locking  they will not apply it on Nintendo Switch.  Entertainment Planner’s Shinya Takahashi retrospectives the past Nintendo consoles and handheld and show a video how does Nintendo Switch works.


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Sega Genesis Video Game Console Is Coming Back In 2017

Sega Genesis is making a comeback!

What is Sega Genesis?

Tectoy has announced that They will start production on the Sega Genesis what Nostalgia bomb. If you don’t know what Sega Genesis is let me give you a backstory. Genesis is a console made by Sega and runs 16-bit graphics and a successor to the master system. The controller was three buttons (A,B,C,) and another has six buttons (A,C,B,Y,X,Z). It’s has a  Super FX chip for  pseudo-3D graphics, Sega Meganet for network services, Yamaha YM2612 FM synthesizer and backward compatible with Master System. Fun fact: you can add Sega CD and 32X  into the Genesis which looks awkward.

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