Sega Is Planning On Reviving Their Past Games

Sega is eye on the road to success


Sega revisiting their old games

During the fiscal year Sega has propose to remastered and bring back their classic games and IPs.  Sega released to PowerPoint called Road to 2020  and in the presentation  there is some points that Sega points out. First, Create titles that will become global hits,  Revival of major IPs, Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games, expand overseas publishing business and Establish digital marketing business.  Sega is focusing on digital sales, making new IPs and expanding their business throughout the world.

I think this is a good make by Sega because we don’t see to many Sega games other than Bayonetta, Yakuza, Total Wars and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega’s mission is to continuing to create moving experiences and make a profit sales of least Y 30 billions.  Sega is carefully choose their titles and hoping to make a great hit and investments of the IP. The company is planing to make a gobal system to promote development. There are also aiming for moblie devices, computers and console. After Sega make old and new IPs, they will expanded to other regions like Europe, Asia, North American and Domestic that’s their business strategy .


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PC Vs Console Gaming – Which is Better for Playing Video Games?

What do you prefer?


PC Vs Console

Let just say I am both console and PC gamer for the monument. What is the difference between PC and consoles you ask? PC gaming you download a game and never have to worry about getting the game on a newer console. It can take up a lot of hard drive storage depending on the file size and how much content it has. PC games requires specs such as powerful graphic card, ram, hard disk space and CPU. There is a PC that’s dedicated to gaming is called Alienware (which is very expensive gaming PC) and the specs on this PC are 16GB DDr4 memory, NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M CPU, 6th gen Intel Core and Windows 10. As for PC games you don’t see them at retail stores anymore but it rare.

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