Nintendo Creators Program Doesn’t Allow YouTube To Live Stream

Nintendo is no stranger to Youtube controversy and creators. YouTubers who are apart of the Nintendo Creators Program can’t live stream. This is a blow to the chest from some content creators. YouTubers promote and support the video game industry.  If bigger YouTubers play a Nintendo games 50 times out of 10. Viewers will likely to buy it if they uses Amazon. Some might upload Nintendo content to show love and passion about the game. Nintendo Creators Program allow users to monetized Nintendo related videos.  Nintendo is partnered with YouTube to create this program. YouTube video creators share revenue with Nintendo. To register for Nintendo Creators Programs you will need a Paypal and Google account. Register your channel if eligible, it will talk up to 3 business days for your channel be reviewed. Advertisement revenue share is 70% for channels and 60% for videos.

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Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017 Showcase and Game Coverage

Nintendo has yet again comes with another direct. Last Nintendo Direct was at E3 2017. Nintendo show off Nintendo Switch and upcoming video games during presentation. Direct starts off with Yoshiaki Koizumi greeting viewers and introducing Nintendo Direct 9/13/2017. Koizumi stated that Nintendo Direct will showcase games from Nintendo 3DS and Switch. Pokemon Utra Sun and Moon is preview first and there are 4 updates. First The Key of the Story: Nercozama is about a Pokemon that steals life. Now Nercozama transforms into two forms  by talking over two legionary Pokemon.  Second is new areas of Alola, explore the bleach and valley of Pikachu. Main characters have new costumes and third bonuses. Players who purchase Pokemon Ultra early will receive special dusk form Lycanroc.  In addition downloading Pokemon Ultra digitally will grant 10 quick balls.  Retro fans Pokemon Gold and Sliver will appear in Virtual Consoles on September 22. Purchase either one and receive the Pokemon Celebi.  Last,  there is a new Pokemon UB Burst and Assembly. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be available on November 17. Nintendo 2DS XL has a Pokemon Edition available on Novermber 3.

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Nintendo Face Backlash for Super Mario Odyssey’s Mexican Outfit

Nintendo newest Mario IP Super Mario Odyssey  is facing some backlash on Mexican outfit in the game. Also the outfit is featured on the box art but now has been changed. People stating that the outfit is  cultural appropriation and Nintendo should remove it. Which Nintendo’s president Reggie Fils-Aimé saids “Making political statements are for other people to do” and “we want people to smile and have fun when they play our games”.  In the latest Super Mario Odyssey trailer, you will see Mario in a poncho and sombrero in a desert level. Some Mexican fans want it in the game and other doesn’t want it thinking it’s racist.

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Super NES Classic Edition – 90s Nostalgia Gaming

Nintendo is rolling out Super NES Classic Edition due to the NES classic released last year.  Also Sega is having a classic edition as well. This console comes with two wireless controllers with 21 games. It’s been 20 years since Super Nintendo came out in the 90s.  SNES was a upgrade console of the NES with better music, games and accessories. Here are some of the games that will be in the classic venison. F-Zero, Earthbound, Kirby Super Star, Star Fox, Super Punch-Out, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and many more. Those are the heavy-hitters and must-play games on the SNES. Super NES Classic Edition is very small unlike the original version. I think you can take it anywhere on the go.

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Why Nintendo Consoles Are Not for Hardcore Gamers

Nintendo cater to every gamer


Nintendo main mission is to bring family together and what a great time. Not like console Xbox, PC and PlayStation which are dedicated to hardcore game. Nintendo’s main genre are adventure, casual, puzzles and party games, while PlayStation, Xbox and PC are shooter, MMOs and sports games. Nintendo games are light-hearted tone and gear towards younger audience and family. That’s why Nintendo try to stray away from violence games (in the 90s they had a censorship on SNES console). Nintendo does have a shooter called Splatoon which is non-violence and I would say it’s up there with Call of Duty, Overwatch, Battlefield 1 and other shooters. I think Nintendo might consider developing gearing their games to hardcore gamer but Xbox and PlayStation are champion of that. Due to Nintendo content guidelines games couldn’t have nudity, sexuality (Bayonetta 2), profanity (Conker’s Bad Fur Day), blood, (No More Heroes), drugs, and religious symbols. Speaking of Bayonetta 2, No More Heroes and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, these fit the category but Nintendo chose to abolish most of these policies in favor of consumers making their own choices about the content of the games they played which is a great move for thinking of the players. As For Xbox, PC and PlayStation no policy nor guideline doesn’t exist because there are thinking about consumer and what game they choose to play just like Nintendo.


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Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime Does Thinks Wii-U Games

Reggie’s thoughts on transition from Wii-U to Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime sat down in a interview with GameSpot and express his deepest thoughts on Nintendo Wii-U sales and it’s performance throughout last year.  Reggie believes Nintendo don’t effectively communicate the novelty of the system stating “The “clarity of the consumer proposition” was not strong enough and might be more important–that there wasn’t a steady flow of compelling games”.   Meaning Nintendo don’t have games like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has. That’s  when Nintendo Switch comes in now there are third-party companies like Square Enix, Sega, Bethesda, EA and more.  So Nintendo is trying to climb up with Microsoft and Sony in terms of games. Which Reggie thinks Nintendo has done a better job communicating what exactly the Switch is and there won’t be a lack of strong games.

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Will Technology Will Play a Role In Future Mario Games

What will happen to Mario games in 5 years?


During a Super Mario Run event at the Apple store, Shigeru Miyamoto was questioned on what kind of path he sees the Mario franchise headed down in the coming years He stated “It’s impossible to know the future. I don’t know what’s going to happen in five years” and “Mickey Mouse was a character that had evolved with the evolution of cinema and animation,” and that if he wanted Mario to continue to survive as a character, then Mario would have to “evolve with technology and video games.” Miyamoto is comparing Mickey Mouse to Mario which their both mascot and their are very popular.

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Amiibos are Your Friends to Play With!

Get your Amiibos while there are on sale


Introduced in 2014, Nintendo has a new way to interact in-game with toys. An Aiimbo is a figure that gives you functionality in-game such as Mario Kart 8 (unlock costumes), Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (activate Kirby Star Dash’s ability) and Mario Party 10 (which there is a mode called Amiibo Party). People compared this to Skylanders and Disney Infinity then again Activision has offered Nintendo a deal but declined. Which use the same RFID (stands for Radio-frequency identification) for interacting with the game and store data in the figurines. Aiimbo are not compatible with all Nintendo I think it’s still in progress. Each figurine is specific to just one game now all, for example you are playing Mario Kart 8 and you have storage data. If you switch to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U that data will be deleted. Maybe in a future update you might use Amiibos in multiple games.

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Nintendo Power Line Returns in November 11-13 for Special Event

Nintendo Power Line hotline is back.


What is Nintendo Power Line?

Nintendo announced there going back to the 1980’s. Nintendo Power  which is a magazine that gives the players hints, strategy, tips and tricks  of upcoming games. It started in 1980 and discounted December 2007, this was back in the NES days. Back in the 80s, gamer don’t have Youtube nor Internet to look up strategies. It was hard and what do book guildes to beat the game.

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