Why is Being a Small YouTuber Sucks Nowadays?

Yesterday I got an email about my anime channel not being monetized by YouTube. Being Small YouTuber is hard especially if you cover saturated niches such as gaming, music, vlogs, reactions and more. Going back to what I am saying about the email (image below). My anime channel is not eligible for monetization because it’s don’t reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. I was not surprise by this because bigger YouTuber make controversial videos that screw small YouTubers. The most notable is Pewdiepie using the N word on his live stream and Logan Paul Aokigahara Forest video. These YouTubers have over million subscribers and a huge fanbase. Sadly I don’t have nowhere near those numbers on gaming and anime channel. YouTube is a huge multimedia company where people can upload videos and share them around the world.

What is wrong with YouTube nowadays?

12 years ago YouTube don’t have monetization but users express interest on making videos and uploading them for fun. Nowadays, Google acquired YouTube and add a new feature for content creators to make money with advertising. The term is called Google AdSense which pay advertisers like McDonalds, Pepsi, Warner Bros, Disney and many more. AdSense able content creators to earn revenue but YouTube takes 40% of the advertiser. People went crazy and hopes to make YouTube their dream job. That’s a pipe dream for some but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. There is an agreement that you can’t talk about how much you make on YouTube. All I can say is not enough to make a living that if you are small.

People uses YouTube to expand their brands and become famous to be on TV or maybe film. There is a lot of successful YouTubers who made it big. We smaller guys want to be like them and inspire by their success. I looked up to Youtubers like Roberto Blake because he gives great advice on being an entrepreneur. I highly recommended check out Roberto Blake channel because he is YouTube certified and know branding.

One day I will be successful as him but I am not right now. Big YouTubers sometime look down on small YouTubers. I have to say this “If it were for small guys like us you won’t that become big”. For example David vs Goliath, a showdown between big and small who will win? A small channel can surpass a big one in a minute. If Dave (small YouTuber) known how to use SEO and Algorithm then Goliath (big YouTuber) will topple.

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Being a Full-time Gamer On Twitch and YouTube For Passion

How to be a YouTube and Twitch Streamer?

YouTube and Twitch is a great way to interact and start a community for gaming. Let’s start with YouTube, you are a small YouTuber and want to start a gaming channel to grow an audience. There are tutorials on how to do it for example, Robert Blake and Video Creators videos check them out and they will teach you how to work with SEO, thumbnails, tags, social media and etc. Don’t expected to get 1,000 subscribers right away it takes and keep your day job until then. If you want to survive on YouTube and get you channel out there. You have to find a niche and technically speaking you have to standout like the rest. Continue reading “Being a Full-time Gamer On Twitch and YouTube For Passion”