In-Game Currency Vs Real Money – Video Game Microtransactions

What is  Microtransactions in video games?

The gaming industry is very big on money. Due to development, time and planning goes into video games. It’s natural that some developers want more money to keep their business a flow. Rip-off players is another thing that developers should take note of. Nowadays, video game developers program video games to have in-game currency. In-game currency is what keep gamers from spending real money. Gamers can earn their content by playing through the game. Majority games have downloadable content which can buy with real money not in-game. Notable, this topic came up with EA release Star Wars Battlefront II (2017 video game). During the release of the game, there was a controversy that EA wanted to players to unlock characters with real money. A lot of fans was not happy about the situation and EA lower the price of the character in response.

Here is the story, in the beta players would have to grind 40 hours to unlock a characters. User on Reddit spent $80 on the Star Wars Battlefront II Deluxe Edition and the characters was not accessible. EA’s Community Team defended the change and stated “the intent to make users earn credits to unlock heroes was to give users a sense of “pride and accomplishment”. The statement that EA’s Community Team Reddit post got 647,000 down votes. Adding insult to injury, EA lower the cost of characters by 75% and in-game campaign credits was reduced. This story gain national attention from Wall Street, CNBC and The Minister of Justice of Belgium Koen Geens. Let’s hope EA fix these change and reflect on what to do next.

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Video Game Voice Actor Strike 2017 – We Want Better Money #PerformanceMatters

Video Game Voice Actor Strike is an ongoing union organization by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. If you don’t know what this strike is about I will give you a backstory. About 25% of video games has voice acting, motion capture and live action full motion video. As the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artist merged, video games companies set standard rates of four-hour recording session. The pay in 2005 was $759 and 2013 was $800 per session, the actors wanted a higher rate from the game developer or published. The video game industry was worth $11 billion and the film industry business has $100 billion globally. Video game industry doesn’t promoted the actor behind the character voice unlike television and film due to consumers willing to purchase due to the actor feature on the game. Actor had additional gigs such as television and animation due to not making a living off of voicing video games characters. The strike continues in 2016, SAG-AFTRA stated that “to transparency in the voice actor hiring processes so that actors are aware of what types of roles and performances they are to be hired for, issues related to the “vocally stressful” roles, and having more safety precautions while actors were on-set”. These cause video game developers and published such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Insomniac Games, Take 2 Interactive and WB Games to repay all voice actors that started production after February 17, 2015


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Free Vs Buying Video Games – What Do You Prefer?

Do you have enough money to buy a video game? Are planning buying a $59.99 video game? Do you want more free game to save money? Well that’s are the question that you are pondering to ask. Let me tell you about what the difference between getting a free video game than buying one. Free video game is on what you find on the internet such as PSN, Xbox store, Doujin and Steam. The company understands that players don’t have the funds to get the games that you wanted. Sometimes free-to-play games are mostly MMO, shooter and sometimes different genres. It depends on the value of the game such as content, graphics and replayable. Buying a game is helping the company generated revenue for the product. When you buy from online gaming outlets or retail part of the proceeds go between the merchants and video game companies. Especially DLC, that’s extra money to support the gaming companies to make an expansion or sequels.

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Sega Is Planning On Reviving Their Past Games

Sega is eye on the road to success


During the fiscal year Sega has propose to remastered and bring back their classic titles and IPs.  Sega released to PowerPoint called Road to 2020  and in the presentation  there is some points that Sega points out. First, Create titles that will become global hits,  Revival of major IPs, Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games, expand overseas publishing business and Establish digital marketing business.  Sega is focusing on digital sales, making new IPs and expanding their business throughout the world.  I think this is a good make by Sega because we don’t see to many Sega games other than Bayonetta, Yakuza, Total Wars and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega’s mission is to continuing to create moving experiences and make a profit sales of least Y 30 billions.  Sega is carefully choose their titles and hoping to make a great hit and investments of the IP. The company is planing to make a gobal system to promote development. There are also aiming for moblie devices, computers and console. After Sega make old and new IPs, they will expanded to other regions like Europe, Asia, North American and Domestic that’s their business strategy .


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Don’t Be an Online Beggar Earn It!

Beggar can’t be choosers


Online crowd-sourcing  is a great way to support your cause, whether you are doing artwork, streaming, doing for charity or help fund an indie game. Sometime asking for money online can lead to people talking advantage of you and using it as a scam. You must be careful of doing this because you don’t know that person is credibility or not. For example, someone made a GoFundMe to get a McDonald’s Big Mac (lol), What about a guy using GoFundMe to buy his girlfriend a wedding ring to purpose to her and this is the kicker and this person uses GoFundMe to tickets to a Chicago Cubs game. This is a bad idea to use online crowdfunding but a good way is getting someone in school, a homeless project to find people to a place to stay and help fund a studio for business. If you are not doing for a good cause than you’re a bad person and take money for your personal greed. As for myself I got a donate button on my blog, YouTube and Twitch channel. I only use it for future projects like giveaway or charity, equipment and video games to review and stream. But I got a full-time job but I am hoping to go into self-employed soon. Note: I don’t ask for donation what so ever I work for it, I don’t care if it takes 20 years or 500 blog post to get it. I will wait for the right time for donating and it’s optional. To my readers who are supporting my blog you don’t have to give me a dime if you don’t want to. You can share my blog posts on social media, like my post or comment and tell me know you think. That’s support is more appreciate than money always and the positive feedback.


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Being Employed for the Internet and Passive Income

You are your own business


I know 60% of Americans and people around the world are dissatisfied with their day job and want out. I have to say this “You have the right to be happy and doing something you love” not to force to do something that someone tell you to do like a family member, friend, co-worker and anybody. You are your own person and you have the power to change your life, you shouldn’t don’t care if people don’t agree your decision making, I am going to quote SuperBoy from Young Justice “ever get on broad or get out the way”. I been watching Roberto Blake’s video “How to Make Passive Income” and I agree with him on things especially on YouTube. Don’t go into YouTube thinking you are going to do it full-time but if that’s your pitch go for it but have a plan b such as freelancing, Patreon, merchandising, Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurships. Make sure you have a goal, business plan and a mindset that can drive you to greatness. The most important thing is budget, make sure you have a saving account handy because you don’t have to spend it on unnecessary things and try to invest as much as possible. I think so folks have children and it money-consuming and it’s hard to invest but can still be self-employed as well.

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Is It Too Late to Start a Blog and Do It For a Living?

Tell your story and journey through the world of blogging.


The answer to that question it’s not too late to start a blog. Make sure you have an idea and brainstorm on what topics or theme you what your blog to be about. I know starting off small is difficult but the more work you put into it the better the result. There is a quote I like to recited “If there is opportunity always take the shot” that means if you run a successful blog you are more likely to get sponsorships, mentions, rewards or maybe be on the News. When creating a blog you also have to find a niche, what makes you stand out from rest? My topic is gaming I review and talk anything that involve video games but it’s a saturated market because there are many video game news or blog outlets out such as Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot and many more. To be honest I can’t complete with these outlets but I want to be different than them. My goals for the blog is to extended it and do it for a living because I love writing and expressing myself online. As of now I wouldn’t see revenue no time soon because I am still a small blogger and don’t have enough traffic right now but I am see the result since I started last year in October 2016. I will keep on pushing to get a following and audience that will enjoy my blog posts.

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Is Street Fighter V Video Game Worth Getting or Buying?

Will Capcom put more content in this game?

Artwork by sakimichan

What is Street Fighter V?

Capcom latest installment of Street Fighter is here. There are mixed reviews on this game and the main complaint is lack of content. Which it’s inacceptable for a fighting game and loss of value to the game. If you don’t know what Street Fighter is a fighting game that been around seen the 80s and the best-selling franchise in Capcom. It features fighting from different countries and other fighting games take influence from this. There are Street Fighter TV shows, movies, comics and many other merchandise. In Street Fighter V, there are  new characters  Laura Matsuda , Rashid , F.A.N.G.and Necalli. There are returning character from Street Fighter II, Alpha, IV and Third

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Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada Says 95% Sales Comes From Outside

Will Japan have a Tekken Fanbase?

Harada’s Harem

Katsuhiro Harada explains about the sales of Tekken Series throughout the world.  Harada stated this “More than anything, 2017 is about the release of Tekken 7. Of the 44 million units in total console sales throughout the entire Tekken series, 95% of it actually comes from foreign countries, in the order of Europe > United States > Asia Oceania > Japan. Which Japan is last on the list and that’s means the most sales can from US and Europe. In the US Tekken does have a hardcore fighting game fan base and probably in Europe as well. As far as Japan fanbase don’t know Tekken is very popular over  in Japan which goes to this statement:

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Cyber Monday – Post Black Friday Video Gaming Deals

Online shopping deals


Black Friday is only on Fridays after Thanksgiving and you are burnout from spending too much money on Black Friday, but there is no need to fear their is Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday is like Black Friday for shopping online but It’s basely it’s all about electronics such as video games, computers, cell phone, applicants and many more, not just electronics but clothes and beauty products as well. Retails like Walmart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy got the top of the line such as (images below).

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