Capcom Files for DMCA On Street Fighter V Mod Videos


Capcom is not happy with people modding their game. Street Fighter V has been out for sometime. Fan of the series want to put their own twist in the game. For example, modding character to look like iconic characters such as Harley Quinn, Sombera from Overwatch, Zero Suit Samus and many more. Not just character but swimsuits, hairstyles, clothing and more. Two modder Khaledantar666 and BrutalAce were hit with the DMCA notice for using copywritten material. Khaledantar666 has ceased his modding activity and says “Patreon will cease, they will continue to create mods and operate on their various other channels”. Khaledantar666 will not make mod for Street Fighter V anymore but focus making mods for other games.

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