Malaysia Blocks Indie Fight Gods Due To Religious Tension

What is Fight Gods?

Fight Gods indie has released right now there is some religious tension. In Malaysia, folks are not happy with religious figures in the Fight Gods. The reason for this removal of the indie is conflicts with local laws. In Malaysia, their religion is Buddhism, Islam, Mahayana and different sect of it. For those who don’t know about Fight Gods, it’s a fighting game based on Gods from different religious. Kind of reminds me of Smite, of coarse that’s MOBA game. Gods that appear in the game are Jesus, Budda, Moses,Zeus and more. Currently affecting Malaysia country not the U.S  U.S  Malaysia’s president Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin told The Sun “immediately ban Fight Gods or block download link”.  Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission gave Steam 24 hours to disable Fight Gods download links throughput the country.

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