Kajan Johnson Says EA Don’t Paid Him for UFC 3 Video Game

Why Kajan is not paid?

In a interview on BloodyElbow, Kajan Johnson express his concern about EA paying him.  He helped EA with motion capture for many characters. Other fighter were paid compensation  instead of him.  I understand video game company have to ask permission to used their likeness. Kajan also have a problem with UFC. Due to promotion and adversting EA’s UFC game. He feels that he is not making any money from promoting for companies.


Kajan stated “I think it’s disgraceful, actually. I think it’s insane”. “I don’t understand how we’re supposed to be such a forward-thinking society”. EA wanted to use popular fighter to promote but get little to nothing.  He Kajan goes on thinking big corporations like EA exploit people for promotions. For example, Youtube some companies contact huge content creators for sponsorship because how many subscribers.  These Youtubers want to be paid because they’re promoting your brand.

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