Into The Hoops Alpha – Basketball Drama Demo Hands-on

Into The Hoops is a basketball visual novel and dating sim indie game.The story of  Into The Hoops is about a high school basketball player named Yuu Kazehaya. Yuu goes to  Taiyou High School and his team won the  regional tournament. Now Taiyou basketball team is now training to complete in the Interhigh Championship which is 45 days way. Yuu is failing in school and the only way he will play is to study for exams. Although Yuu doesn’t care about school and loves playing basketball with his teammates. His childhood friend Yui is worry about him and his grades. Will Yuu focus on his studies or will his future be a slam dunk?

What do you do in the game?

Into The Hoop has a blend of Slice of Life and high school drama in this game. Yuu and Yui is now the only characters to meet in this game. Yuu teammates and members of Taiyou basketball team like Kenji, Mamaoru, Jin, Daichi (team captain) and Emi (team manger).  In the game, you can interact and build relationships with them.  Yuu has money and make sure you spend it wisely. Money could be use to buy food, supplies and etc. In the demo, you up to five days  and experience Yuu school life. The game has limited voice acting but there will be more in the full version of the game.

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The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot – Detective Visual Novel Hands On

What is The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot about?

The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot is a detective visual novel indie game developed by RockTheClock. I got a hands on experience playing The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot. The plot of the game is Grace Sinclair  just got kicked out of her house by her dad for poor performance at school. Grace has not place to go and needed a job. One day Grace experience a convenience store robbery and a witness to the crime. After being question by a young detective Delilah, she offers Grace a job to help her save the case.  Amaze by Grace intellect in piecing together what happen in the  convenience store robbery. Delilah talks with her boss Lem Yasui to test Grace to see what she has what it takes.

The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot is very different from most visual novel games. There are different paths and routes throughout the game. Crace is  vasovagal syncope which means fear of sight of blood.  Vasovagal syncope mechanic is play apart in looking for evidence. Some evidence have blood on them and cause Grace to faint or lose her employment. Note: you don’t have to look at the bloody evidence but be careful and choose wisely. Highlighted object are important to interact for looking for evidence.

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Indies of the Week #42 Raising – Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week this Sunday. Today’s theme is raising. Raising a monster or character make  them stronger. It’s like raising a child and teach them about the world.  Indies games, there is a genre called simulation which is sort of raising and a bit more casual. Let’s talk a look at some indies games about raising.

Indie 5.   Boot Hill Bounties – Experimental Gamer Studios

Boot Hill Bounties is a western rpg revolves about four heroes willing to save their homes .It takes inspiration from  90s RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.  The game has four-player local co-op which you can assign characters and control all four heroes.Soundtrack is made by Jake Kaufman who worked on Shantae, Duck Tales and Shovel Knight.  The combat is turn-based but with a twist, your party doesn’t have to wait for their turn.No random encounters but face and defeat 250 enemies. Customization is apart of this game such as your weaponry. Find jobs on a newspaper, farming, side quests and eat 50 types of food.   Sneak up on enemies to get an advantage, camping with your party members and  encounter mysteries. Will you hunt down these outlaws? Boot Hill Bounties is available on Steam and support Experimental Gamer Studios.

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Indies of the Week #36 – Amusing Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the Week  #36 this Sunday. Today’s is amusing, indies game could be fun. Player are amusing at the gameplay and character designs. Indies are fun right, we have alot of games to get to. Let see what amusing indies we have today.


Virtual Earth Survival is a sandbox MMORPG indie game. VEO is in the development stage at the moment. Hands-on the player is stuck on a island and have to build shelter. Gather materials and hunt for food to survival.  Virtual Earth Survival reminds me of Minecraft’s heart system. Day and Night system is like Minecraft as well beware of predators. Check out VEO Games website for more details about Virtual Earth Survival. Download Virtual Earth Survival demo and try it for yourself.

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Indies of the Week #33 – Magic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week #33 this Sunday. Today’s theme is magic, do you believe in magic in indies? Magic is what the tone of indies making say wow! Gameplay and characters (who are magican or heroes), take on you a magical journey. It’s the first of October and halloween is coming. Lets see what indies we have today:

Indie 9.  Darkestville Castle –  Epic LLama

Darkestville Castle is a point and click indie game. The game is inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. The game pays homage to 90s point and click adventures. Players take the role of Ci, laid-back being of pure darkness that will see his evil routine life disrupted by The Romero brothers. Solve puzzles, meet interesting characters and enjoy 7 hours of gameplay. Darkestville Castle is awarded BEST GAME NARRATIVE indie game. If you want a captivating Tim Burton-ish story support Epic LLama and buy Darkestville Castle on Steam.

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Indies of the Week #30 – Perspective Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of indies of the week #30 this Sunday. This week’s theme is Perspective.  In indies you put yourself in the character shoes. Whether the character has a agenda or goal in mind.  Let’s see what indies what have in store.

Indie 6. Tiny Echo – Might and Delight

Tiny Echo is a point and click indie game. Which you play as a eyeball named Emi. Your mission is to deliver mail to spirits in a mysterious world. Echo has a unique hand-drawn style which reminds me of a children story book. Soundtrack is composed by Mount West with a perfect blend of mellow and soft tone. Solve puzzles and uncover character traits to complete your deliver. Make sure you buy this postal narrative indie game. Tiny Echo is available now on Steam and visit the website.

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