Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition – Superman is a Dictator Review

Injustice 2 is a sequel to NetherRealm Studios and DC Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Injustice: Gods Among Us game. Once Again Ed Boon and DC Comics are collaborating to make the best super hero fighting for comic fans and casual fighting game fans. The plot of this installment, after Superman’s regime during the first Injustice 2. The Society formed by Gorilla Grodd and Brainiac (the one who destroyed Supergirl and Superman’s home world) aims for world domination, Superman still wants to kill Supervillains due to the defeat of Lois Lane. Superman is still trying to rebuild the regime with Damian Wayne, Black Adam, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Batman leads a small team (Green Arrow, Haley Quinn and Black Canary) to fight the Superman new regime, The Society and Brainiac. As for the development of the game, NetherRealm Studios wanted to “do something unexpected and long-term” for its sequel, as well as give players “a level of control that makes playing [their] games a truly personal experience”. Ed Boon wanted to incorporate various mechanics used by recent multiplayer shooter games, such as personalization, character creation, loot, and leveling up, into the fighting game genre. Such as Gear System (I will talk more about) which encourage player to develop playstyles for hardcore and veteran players alike. Due to the designed process of the game, NetherRealm Studios is offer a lot of freedom by DC Comics to developed costume variations from the comics which the Art Director of NetherRealm Steve Beran stated “They respect what we do, and we respect all their characters. We are fans of their characters and, I think, art-wise and design-wise, we put a lot of detail that hardcore fans will like. We tried to really honor every character.”

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Is Injustice 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Story Trailer Similar?

Do you think these trailers are similar?


Today I stumble across two superhero crossover trailer and the main villains in both are Brainiac and Ulrton Sigma both computer-based villains who want to take over the universe. What does to two have in common? They both are super dangerous and super intelligent beings who can control technology and surpass humans in many ways.  If these two ever fought in a fight I think Brainiac will win in a fight but you can comment if you think Ultron will win. If you don’t know about both of these characters are I will give you a quick summary.  Brainiac is one of Superman’s oldest foes. A techno-organic being with a twelfth-level intellect (the entirety of the human race only has a level 1 intellect) and hyper-advanced technology, he travels the multiverse seeking civilizations to shrink and abduct, which he then adds to his collection of captured worlds. Created by Henry Pym to be a technological landmark, he soon intellectually surpassed Pym, and eventually fought the Avengers after organizing the Masters of Evil. He has clashed with the Avengers numerous times, and was most recently defeated while trying to conquer the world.


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