In-Game Currency Vs Real Money – Video Game Microtransactions

What is  Microtransactions in video games?

The gaming industry is very big on money. Due to development, time and planning goes into video games. It’s natural that some developers want more money to keep their business a flow. Rip-off players is another thing that developers should take note of. Nowadays, video game developers program video games to have in-game currency. In-game currency is what keep gamers from spending real money. Gamers can earn their content by playing through the game. Majority games have downloadable content which can buy with real money not in-game. Notable, this topic came up with EA release Star Wars Battlefront II (2017 video game). During the release of the game, there was a controversy that EA wanted to players to unlock characters with real money. A lot of fans was not happy about the situation and EA lower the price of the character in response.

Here is the story, in the beta players would have to grind 40 hours to unlock a characters. User on Reddit spent $80 on the Star Wars Battlefront II Deluxe Edition and the characters was not accessible. EA’s Community Team defended the change and stated “the intent to make users earn credits to unlock heroes was to give users a sense of “pride and accomplishment”. The statement that EA’s Community Team Reddit post got 647,000 down votes. Adding insult to injury, EA lower the cost of characters by 75% and in-game campaign credits was reduced. This story gain national attention from Wall Street, CNBC and The Minister of Justice of Belgium Koen Geens. Let’s hope EA fix these change and reflect on what to do next.

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Anime USA 2017 – Christmas in Japan Impressions

What is my experience in Anime USA 2017?

Anime USA 2017 is average but not better than Otakon. This time is was not many people there because of the Holidays. I still have find in the process and I don’t get a lot of pictures of cosplayers this year ever. First off on Friday I got some Chipotle and it was not crowded at all that’s a surprise to me. Withdraw some money to get a badge and went to the game room because there was no good panel at the time.

I played Tekken 7 and got reckt in the processes but had fun. The person who was using Geese Howard was very good and I main Eliza (waifu). Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite was a fun good despite the character roster. I also played with DLC characters Black Widow, Winter Solder and Vemon. All three character play awesome and Venom was amazing character to use. Black Widow was agile and fast along with Winter Solder durability.

In Street Fighter V I got a hands on experience with some of the newer characters. Zeku is a complex character reminds me of Strider Hiryu. I will do a YouTube video about this on my gaming channel and get more information. Menat is hard to uses and got some of Rose’s moves as well. Kolin was average and Ed is a monster he is my new main. Afterwards I went to some panels such as Disorganization XIII with a rundown of Kingdom Hearts series. Anime & Video Games: A Symbiotic Relationship, Anime Name That Tune and more. There was a anime cosplay dance off but had technical difficulties. To end day one of Anime USA 2017. I watch Cosplay Burlesque show and it was racey and funny.

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Invitation to be a Guest Blogger and Feature Small Bloggers

Working together can accomplish anything

As of Today, I am sending an invitation to be a guest blogger on my site and also feature small bloggers. I would like to network with other gaming bloggers and there is a lot of them in Since I switch to self-host I have not seen a lot of them. I don’t get a lot of traffic on my sire because of my content or design and maybe no networking with the right people. I try to reach out to gaming bloggers on Twitter and Pinterest but there are only travel, food and fashion bloggers. There is a lot of them out than gaming bloggers, even the market is saturated but we need shine too. I made a post about what is going on with gaming bloggers you can check it out. People thinking that I am doing to get readers from other bloggers. Maybe I am self-promoting my blog to other sites but that’s not the case. I read a lot of useful article online like ShoutmeLoud. Shoutmeloud is an award-winning blog that give you tips on how to excel your blog and turn it to a successful business. The blog is run by Harsh Agrawal the CEO of Shoutmeloud and he covers everything from WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Many more. If you want to some tips from him check out the site.

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Gamers! – You Don’t Have To Good at the Video Games Anime Review

What is Gamers anime?

Gamers! Is a light novel written by Sekina Aoi and Iilustrated by Saboten. The plot of the anime is Keita Amano is loner boy who enjoys video games with a passionate. Amano is approach by the most beautiful student in the school Karen Tendo. Tendo is also a gamer and is a part of the games club. Tendo invites Amano to the games club due to both of them having a similar interest and love at first sight. Anamo declined the offer which lead Tendo stalking and acting awkward around him. The animation by Pine Jam which is a new company and directed by Manabu Okamoto. The series pay homage the mainstream games like Super Smash Bros, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Guity Gear Xrd Rev 2, Mario Kart 8 and Tales of Phantasia. During the opening you will see familiar games from those franchises.

The anime teach us that you don’t have to be good at the game or play them competitively. It also tackles real life and romance issues such as Aguri for example she don’t play video games and falls in love with Tasuku Uehara. Aguri finding out that Tasuku is into other girls. Amano and Chiaki debating about video games and Tasuku struggles with being a geek in middle school. Don’t forgot being alone and don’t socialize much in playing video games.

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Speedrunners – How Fast Can You Complete a Game

What is the term of speedrunning?

Which a gamer record his or herself completing a game in a certain amount of time. As a Speedrunner you have to be good at the game and know how to game works. In history Speedrunners are members of an online communities and it’s a subculture in the gaming world.  Find all secrets on the map to complete the game at 100%.

Quack had a project called Quake done Quick which the members of the project. Making a move featuring Quake gameplay in 0:19:49 real time.  Wall jumping to allow players to skip over large areas of the game.  Speedrunner Nolan Pflug completed the game within 1 hour 37 minutes and it was feature on Slashdot. How fast could players beat a game? Will you put your skills to the test?

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Video Game Voice Actor Strike 2017 – We Want Better Money #PerformanceMatters

Video Game Voice Actor Strike is an ongoing union organization by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. If you don’t know what this strike is about I will give you a backstory. About 25% of video games has voice acting, motion capture and live action full motion video. As the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artist merged, video games companies set standard rates of four-hour recording session. The pay in 2005 was $759 and 2013 was $800 per session, the actors wanted a higher rate from the game developer or published. The video game industry was worth $11 billion and the film industry business has $100 billion globally. Video game industry doesn’t promoted the actor behind the character voice unlike television and film due to consumers willing to purchase due to the actor feature on the game. Actor had additional gigs such as television and animation due to not making a living off of voicing video games characters. The strike continues in 2016, SAG-AFTRA stated that “to transparency in the voice actor hiring processes so that actors are aware of what types of roles and performances they are to be hired for, issues related to the “vocally stressful” roles, and having more safety precautions while actors were on-set”. These cause video game developers and published such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Insomniac Games, Take 2 Interactive and WB Games to repay all voice actors that started production after February 17, 2015


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Free Vs Buying Video Games – What Do You Prefer?

Do you have enough money to buy a video game? Are planning buying a $59.99 video game? Do you want more free game to save money? Well that’s are the question that you are pondering to ask. Let me tell you about what the difference between getting a free video game than buying one. Free video game is on what you find on the internet such as PSN, Xbox store, Doujin and Steam. The company understands that players don’t have the funds to get the games that you wanted. Sometimes free-to-play games are mostly MMO, shooter and sometimes different genres. It depends on the value of the game such as content, graphics and replayable. Buying a game is helping the company generated revenue for the product. When you buy from online gaming outlets or retail part of the proceeds go between the merchants and video game companies. Especially DLC, that’s extra money to support the gaming companies to make an expansion or sequels.

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Do You Miss Work or School Just to Play Video Games?

You can play video game anytime but life is first


Do you think when an anticipated video games comes out like Splatoon 2, Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefront II and Shenmue III people intend to play them? What about the latest video games consoles like Nintendo Switch? Do you intend to make buy them? Of course you will you are a gamer and that’s what we do, play the top of the line tech and software for out gaming needs. I think most gamers have to go to school and work for a living but do video games pay for you education and bills, No they don’t, it’s a hobby but you can learn about the game through story and writing. As for paying bills, if you are not a successful Twitch streamer or YouTuber than you don’t need a miss work playing video games. You can do that anytime it’s not going anywhere no time soon. What about being a mother and father? You kids come first before video games but don’t play it all day unless they‘re sleeping or at daycare. What about dating (I did a blog post about it)? Are you spending on time with playing video games than giving attention to your boyfriend or girlfriend? The answer to that’s spending time with the people you care about and love the most not gaming. Gaming is not a person, its entertainment with a controller, TV or PC screen and time consuming. Another example, a bum who living with someone who has a job talking care of you while you play video games all day. What do you make of that person?


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Why the Hate for Role Playing Game Genre So Much?

What is the deal of Rpgs in general


Here is the question why people hat Role Playing games in general? Is it too hard? Is it made in Japan and too anime-ish? Do you want an easy way to complete the game? Here is a news flash for you RPG haters, nowadays every genre of video games has RPG elements in them. You can’t play the game like the old days where you unlock stuff by completing the game or go through certain condition in-game. Like it or not Role Playing Games are growing every step of the way. In statistics by Leafly (image below) Role Playing are at 17 % than shooters (32%) and action (20%) games. Which is the third most played genre in video games but it made be different than the other graphics. There is another a best-selling graph which Role Playing is at 7.2% which is rank four next to adventure, sports and shooters. I wouldn’t count role playing games as a weak genre. Let’s talk about role playing games in general, RPG is you play as a hero or heroine whatever you choose to play based on the game. You journey into a world where you save the world, rescue a princess whatever plot that the game has. You can’t go on an adventure without weapons, items and magic because if you don’t its game over for you. Sometimes you can’t go on an adventure alone you will meet people will join your cause (which is a party). If you want information and clues there are NPC (non-playable characters) that will help you choose wisely. As a hero or heroine you will want to get stronger that’s why it called leveling up.


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Does Gaming Bloggers Work Hard Like Others Bloggers?

Small gamer blogs need love too.


This is a subject that has been bothering me as a gaming blogger I know we don’t get a lot of views and likes just like anime, film, lifestyle, fitness and beauty bloggers. Well it’s because of platforms like IGN, Kotaku, and Siliconera (which I get most of my sources, Polygon and many more that has gaming news that makes it harder for us. Yes we work hard on creating a platform that which we can express our passion for gaming and the industry in general. We talk about the latest news of games that coming out, reviewing a video game we play and love and if you are a YouTuber and Twitch Steamer you can promote yourself as a blogger to gain new audience. I know Gaming is a saturated market and there is a lot of popular gaming blogs out there. It’s tough to compete with them. That’s why we need to work together, network and collab with one (other note: other blogger can do that too) by shouting each other out. People think how can we collab on a blog? There are somethings you can do such as podcast, YouTube collab and whatever you can think of. There is one more thing, social media use it well grasshopper and meet other gaming and make friends.


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