Indies of the Week #32 – Time Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addidtion Indies of the Week #32  this Sunday. Today’s theme is time, time in indies sets in the past or future. The story of an indies can take you on a journey of the character. Let’s see what indies we have store for today.

6. Lethal League Blaze – Team Reptile

Lethal League Blaze is the sequel to Lethal League and it’s a projectile fighting game indie. There is a teaser trailer for the Lethal League Blaze on the website.  Lethal League Blaze has more characters and game modes to choose from. Enhance graphics making the game more high quality.  Along with the final boss of  Lethal League  Doombox  is making a return.  4 player multiplayer local and online is  back. If you want more info about Lethal League Blaze head to Team Reptile wesbite and Discord.

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Indies of the Week #31 – Comedic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome indies of the week #31 this Sunday. Today’s theme is comedic. Indies with comedic tone and play style. People don’t have to be serious about indies. Indies  could make you laugh and cry as well. Let see what indies we got today.

4.  Plunge  – SpookyBuns

Plunge is an isometric turn indie game. Concept of the game is you play as Billy. Who’s trap inside infinite medieval prison and try to escape. Solve puzzles to defeat prison guards. Select 3 different character with unique abilities. Collect perks to enhance your skills and awesome comic book style graphics. Visit SpookyBuns website to get all latest updates for Plunge.

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Indies of the Week # 28 – Causal Indie Game Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week #28. This week theme is causal, causal gaming in indies can make this fun and relaxing. Indies can’t just be shooting, fighters and role-playing games but ways to play with your friends.  Let’s take a look at what indies we got in store for today.

9. Strike Edge – Fun Punch Games

 Strike Edge is a medieval fantasy dodgeball indie game. The concept of this game is to hit the ball at your opponent to win the match. You can slow down time to get accuracy points. Choose out to 8 strikers with unique playstyle. Local and online multiplayer is available for 1vs1 or 2vs2 alon with 4 arenas. For twitch user, there is a integration to interact with your audience and perks. If you want a medieval dodgeball indie make sure to buy this game on Steam or PS4 and visit the website.

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Overwatch’s Mercy Will Have a New Ultimate Due to Being a Waterboy

Mercy has always been the helper of Overwatch and busy keeping the team together. She kind of reminds me of another healer from Team Fortress 2 called The Medic. Medic always get no love because his teammates always yelling at him to heal them. The medic always want to be useful to the team. Same as Mercy talking care of the team carelessness and recklessness. Her team badgering her and tell her hide somewhere until it’s clear to move. That’s mission in general, you don’t want your medic to be on the first line.  Both Mercy and The Medic are waterboys to the team but that will all change for Mercy. As of today, Mercy will become special and getting a new makeover. Her teammates can’t tell her what do and she demand respect. Now you can’t tell her to hide anymore, Mercy is burden with alot of things. Mercy have to revive people, heal and boost damage for her teammates. She is tried of being a waterboy and want to stand out for the team.


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Indies of the Week #24 – Roguelike Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week #24! This weeks theme is Roguelike. Roguelike in indies game  has been popular during the 2010s. A hero must journey to a dungeon to complete his goal. Lets see what indies we got in-store today.

7. Noita – Nolla Games

Noita is a magical action rogue-lite indie game set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. The features Pixel-based physics which you can burn. explode and melt pixels. Cast spells to manipulate and defeat enemies. Permadeath is a factor in this game. If you want a pixel rogue-like indie game, make sure you check out the website and support this game.

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Indies of the Week #18 – Awesome Con 2017 Edition


Sorry for not posting indies of the week last Sunday . I was busy with Awesome Con 2017 and Father’s day. So I went to the Indie circle at Awesome Con and I got hands on experience with the games. Here are some indies I tried out.

15. Blind Blades – HeaveKeyStudios

Blind Blades is a black and white Bushido Blade style indie. You play as a black and white Samurai. All it takes is one kill to win the game. You have to move your own background just like Splatoon. There is a button to change the arena to all black or white depending on the color of the samurai.  Multiplayer is local you can do free for all or team battle whatever you choose.  If you want a fun samurai game buy it on steam and support HeavyKeyStudios.

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