Indies of the Week #17 – Puzzle Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of  indies of the week! This weeks them is puzzle, in Indies game you have to accomplish a obstacle.. Let’s  see what indies games what have in store in for today.

5. Bokube – Conception Games

Bokube is a puzzle game that takes inspiration from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Sokoban. It’s a push bock platformer which you can trap and block enemies. Camera mechanic is also feature on this game like zoom and rotate. Each 70 level has four puzzle cubes and 8 different worlds. Note: the levels change difficulty along with Easter eggs and scents. Gameplay wise there are 40+ traps to use on 56 enemies and 10 bosses. Special cut-scenes and presentation are in this game featuring Boku friends. If you want a light hearted puzzle platformer. Support it on Kickstarter, try the demo and visit the website.

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Indies of the Week #13 – Dynamic Indie Gaming Sunday

Dynamic character dynamic gameplay


Happy Mother’s day and welcome to indies of the week. This theme is dynamic, a indie game can have dynamic gameplay and characters. Let’s see what indies we have:

7.  Botlike – Binjigames


Botlike is a  fast paced action platformer indie with roguelike elements. You play as a robot named S.I.R was is fighting against a organization called Security Service of the League who ranged war against human creators.  In this game you collect 10 weapons and upgrades to make it more powerful. There is a item system which you can combine them to make a monster items. If you love a robot action platformer support this game and visit the website for more info.

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Indies of the Week #12 – Experience Indie Gaming Sunday

Experience new things in indies.


Welcome to another Indies of the week, this week’s theme is experience, in indie games you experience the game story, character’s motivates and gameplay.  I don’t know if I will do indies of the week next Sunday because of mother’s day I might do a post sometime next week. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the blog. That’s out of the way let get right to it.


5. The Wishgranter – LukaGame


This indie is a dungeon crawler and it’s inspired by  Legend Of Zelda and Dark Souls. The plot of the game is A mysterious entity know only as the Wishgranter (image above) promises freedom and life in exchange for retrieving ancient relics from a depths below. You play as various heroes and explore dungeon to unveil the mysteries of the Wishgranter. This game has permdeath which means you die you hero will be lost forever and you have to start with a new character. There is endless loot so make sure you get alot, explore through Procedurally Generated dungeons (there are very different and not the same) and you have limited resources to fight enemies. If you want a permdeath dungeon crawler support this game on Stream Greenlight.

download (1).jpg

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Indies of the Week #5 – Fantasy Indie Gaming Sunday

Takes you of a world like you never gone before.


Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week, I will be covering Fantasy indie games. Which a indie game can take you into a world were anything is possible, ever becoming a hero and try to get out.  There is along of indies we have to get to, make sure you previous post for what indies are you plan on getting.

6. Narita Boy – Studio Koba


This game is a 80s style like classic 2D scroller action indie game  with rich pixel art graphics. The plot of the game is you are a hero with a Techno Sword defending a Digital Kingdom from  Stallion invasion (enemies in the game). The core mechanics in this game you can ride on computer theme vehicles, uses attacks, digital magic and collect items such as comics (which provides clues of the game), floppy disk (which upgrades your blade and magic). Check out the Kickstarter page and support the game to earn rewards. Note:this indie got great reviews already and I am hoping to check it out.


5.Uurog – Nifflas’ Games


This indie look like a fun 2D platforming puzzle game, all you have to do is to steal animals (lol) and keep them in a room. The graphic reminds you of Pac-man and the soundtrack is subtle. Speaking of that you can make your own music and puzzles in this game. The game features co-op, cubes that say 1650 phrases and voiced by 22 people. Watch for mischievous ai characters and explosives in the room. Note: there is also a secret developer mode (Press F12 in the main menu) if you want to try it. Make sure you buy the game and support the company, Visit the website for more information.

Screen Shot 6.png

4. The Inner Darkness –  Nauris Amatnieks


This indie is a 2d platformer/puzzle game which you play as a man with a stomach wound waking up in a strange world. You must solve a mystery behind it all and find help.What stands out from this game is the pixel art and the switch between dimension mechanic. If you love a unique and force story indie buy the game it’s available now on Steam


3. . Caveman Warriors – JanduSoft


This game is a 4-player beat’em up game which inspired by Metal Slug, New Super Mario, Joe and Mac, Trine and Castle Crashers. The ploy is that aliens take about babies without permission and you have to rescue them. The feautres 8 levels, 1-4 player co-op, different mechanic such as a runner, platformer and etc. You can choose up to 4 playable characters with unique skills along with bosses. I am liking the colorful graphics and the gameplay, if you want to try this game, there is a demo and a kickstarter page to support the game.


2. Shadows of Adam – Something Classic Games LLC


This indie is a classic jrpg style game with compelling character driven story. The plot is you journey in a world to save Adam and his father from darkness. You play as four characters with unique skills and magic. There is a battle AP Management Battle System which AP is restored each round with defeating enemies also encourage fast combat and skill use. The graphic are visual style SNES with pixel art and the soundtrack has strong melody and emotional connection for each character and area. Note: the game reminds you of Lufia, if you want a colorful SNES rpg it’s available now on Steam.


1. Holobunnies: Pause Café – Q-bit Games


This game is a cute 2D boss -rush/runner/ brawler indie game, The Holobunnies are a family of quirky, space-faring, holographic, bipedal bunnies seeking to find a new home amongst the stars. In this game , you can fight with a firend and foe in local 2-player along with  5+ brawler maps, 4 different Holobunnies and powerups. Fight through classic q-bit Games and sprint through 10+ worlds. The graphics in this game are pixel art and melodic soundtrack. If you want a indie that has mix genres this is for you. This game is available to play but it’s only for  17 days but the full version might come out soon.


That’s pretty all for Indies of the Week and tune for next Sunday and make sure to support these great indies and I would like to see more.