MUGEN – Create Your Own Crossover Fighting Game Review

What is Mugen fighting game engine?

How you ever wonder if you characters from anime, gaming, cartoons and movies crossover? MUGEN is the software for fighting game fans. MUGEN is a 2D fighting game engine created by Elecbtye. This engine allows creators to make and rip stages, characters, and srceenpacks from other games. History of MUGEN started off in 1999 as beta. Beta version work on MS-DOS, Mac and Linux operation systems. MUGEN creator Elecbtye forgotten what the engine stand for, mugen in Japanese means unlimited. Elecbtye seek donations to obtain a windows version of MUGEN.

Elecbtye release a private WinMUGEN beta containing limit of two characters and locked game modes.  This new version of WinMUGEN features music plugins and SFF files to show palettes. CNS scripts for controllers and changes to DOS patches to downgrade characters to be compatible. In 2007 hacked WinMUGEN add third-party for hires stages and select screens. Low and hi res stages are compatible in new version of WinMUGEN.

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Fantasy Strike – A Simple Nor Complex Fighting Game


Fantasy Strike is a fighting game that takes away all the complex elements of the genre.  Such as joystick motion for the movies, no crouching and easy to pull off combos. You can focus on different fundamentals such as zoning, timing, strategy and more. Controls are very easy in the game (image below). There is your left and right directional buttons. Jump and attack with just a single button. Also comes with two special attack moves for each character. Each character has a special move with pushing attack and special button 1. Yomi counter is automatically you don’t have to do anything.   As well throws can be executed with pressing left or right then attack button.

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Fighting Game Community – Thrive To Win During Competitions

Does the Fighting game community thrive to win or just play for fun

What does it mean to a fighting game player?

Are you a fighting game fan? Do you thrive to win? Or just play for fun? This is what gaming is all about, it’s to test your skills, be the best and respect. We all know that Street Fighter was the first fighting game in the 90’s and beyond then was Mortal Kombat. 2D fighting was a thing in the 1990s before bringing it to consoles you have to go to your local arcade to play them. You have to put whatever amount of cents that the game takes. You sometimes have tournament, play causal or be each other high score to win. What about the command list that are in the bottom of the arcade screen. Do you know what to preform them? Usually it quarter-circle, 360 degree circle or other ways to do characters moves. What about the tiers like A, B, C and D which classified how strong the characters is in tournaments.
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Mortal Kombat Rip offs and Lack Of Originality Content?

What is everyone trying to be like Mortal Kombat but failed.

What is so popular about Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat is one of the most recognize fighting in this time with the iconic finishing  moves (Fatality).  Every fighting is trying to rip off Mortal Kombat in some reason. Here is a history of Mortal Kombat, In 1991  Ed Boon, John Tobias, John Vogel and Dan Forden. There where approached to create a video game adaption of Universal Soldier featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme.  But they want to be like Enter The Dragon and Bloodsport.  John Tobias stated  game story  was inspired by Chinese mythology and Kung Fu films.
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