Don’t Be an Online Beggar Earn It!

Beggar can’t be choosers


What do you to earn?

Online crowd-sourcing  is a great way to support your cause. Whether you are doing artwork, streaming, doing for charity or help fund an indie game. Sometime asking for money online can lead to people talking advantage of you and using it as a scam. You must be careful of doing this because you don’t know that person is credibility or not. For example, someone made a GoFundMe to get a McDonald’s Big Mac (lol). What about a guy using GoFundMe to buy his girlfriend a wedding ring to purpose to her.  This is the kicker and this person uses GoFundMe to tickets to a Chicago Cubs game. This is a bad idea to use online crowdfunding but a good way is getting someone in school. A homeless project to find people to a place to stay and help fund a studio for business.

Asking for donating worth it

If you are not doing for a good cause than you’re a bad person.  Take money for your personal greed. As for myself I got a donate button on my blog, YouTube and Twitch channel. I only use it for future projects like giveaway or charity, equipment and video games to review and stream. But I got a full-time job but I am hoping to go into self-employed soon. Note: I don’t ask for donation what so ever I work for it. I don’t care if it takes 20 years or 500 blog post to get it.

I will wait for the right time for donating and it’s optional. To my readers who are supporting my blog. You don’t have to give me a dime if you don’t want to. You can share my blog posts on social media, like my post or comment and tell me know you think. That’s support is more appreciate than money always and the positive feedback.


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