Unity on Twitch – Everyone is Welcome #TwitchUnity

Be yourself and have love for one other.


Last Week Twitch announced Twitch Unity which is wide holiday that celebrates inclusivity and diversity on their platform. I am happy that Twitch is doing this because the platform has become a place that people express themselves such as being a gamer, artist, chief and podcasters. Twitch just announced Twitch Affiliate Program (which I still hoping to get an invited) and their partnership with Amazon which offers players to connect their Prime account to get access to loot, music , watch ad-free stream and more benefits. On May 26 I will be celebrating it on my stream (if you have not follow me on Twitch do so) and they offer Twitch Unity global emote and free graphics package. If you want to participate you have to set your stream on TwitchUnity Community (if you are a streamer) but if you not you can drop the Twitch Unity global emote in your favorite streamers on that day. You can buy a Twitch Unity T-shirt on Teespring and the proceeds will go to Amnesty International (also make a donation). Twitch will stream a Special Weekly Takeover on May 26 and following a 3 hour Just Dance-a-thon from their office.


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