Twitch Con 2016 – Twitch New Features for Streamers

What is going on at TwitchCon 2016 and it’s new features



If you have not been to TwitchCon you are missing out. Twitch just announced some new feature that
they are implemented. I will get you a rundown on these as I explain them.

 Twitch Prime

 You know Twitch is
partner with Amazon. Now working with Amazon to create
Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime is a little different from Amazon Prime,
You get ad-free streams, instant access to Hearthstone content,
Exclusive emotes and chat badges just like Turbo and a free channel
subscription every 30 days. As for Amazon Prime you get your items
ship faster, unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, discounts and
music. My thoughts are so streamers will love it and it’s a good
way for Twitch collaborating with Amazon and support the gaming
community. It kind of reminds me of PSN a little with the discounts
and early accesses. This is another way for views to support

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