Anime USA 2017 – Christmas in Japan Impressions

What is my experience in Anime USA 2017?

Anime USA 2017 is average but not better than Otakon. This time is was not many people there because of the Holidays. I still have find in the process and I don’t get a lot of pictures of cosplayers this year ever. First off on Friday I got some Chipotle and it was not crowded at all that’s a surprise to me. Withdraw some money to get a badge and went to the game room because there was no good panel at the time.

I played Tekken 7 and got reckt in the processes but had fun. The person who was using Geese Howard was very good and I main Eliza (waifu). Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite was a fun good despite the character roster. I also played with DLC characters Black Widow, Winter Solder and Vemon. All three character play awesome and Venom was amazing character to use. Black Widow was agile and fast along with Winter Solder durability.

In Street Fighter V I got a hands on experience with some of the newer characters. Zeku is a complex character reminds me of Strider Hiryu. I will do a YouTube video about this on my gaming channel and get more information. Menat is hard to uses and got some of Rose’s moves as well. Kolin was average and Ed is a monster he is my new main. Afterwards I went to some panels such as Disorganization XIII with a rundown of Kingdom Hearts series. Anime & Video Games: A Symbiotic Relationship, Anime Name That Tune and more. There was a anime cosplay dance off but had technical difficulties. To end day one of Anime USA 2017. I watch Cosplay Burlesque show and it was racey and funny.

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Holiday Gaming Buyers Guide 2016 for New Equipment

Game on this holiday season


Christmas is just around the corner and you are a gamer that’s wants things at a discount. Note: if you are buying things online you will have to wait after Christmas sadly. This is the season to for giving, happiness and spread joy. Here is some gaming products that you might enjoy but it maybe naughty or nice:

1. Dead Rising 4 (PC/Xbox One)

Frank West is back and zombies attack Willamette, Colorado again at Christmas. This game is open world survival horror beat ’em up developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios.


2. PlayStation VR (PlayStation 4)

PlayStation can put you in a virtual world with 3D audio technology and 5.7: OLED 1080p display runs up to 120fps. Also it’s compatible with DualShock 4, PlayStation Move and Camera which can be sold separately.

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