Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #2

Hello there gaming bloggers if you a week long Thanksgiving. I am back to shoutout some great gaming bloggers out there. If you want to see my previous post go right ahead.  Us gamers are a community that must support one other and unity. Here are some bloggers you guys should check out and support.

8. Mat in the Hat

Mat’s blog revolves around anime, cartoon, unboxing and reviews. Bible verses are available on his site for folks who are in to religion. Mat’s site features wacky gif to make it standout and  TGIF: Friday Funny. Mat receive numerous of awards  and is part of OWLS: Otaku Warriors for Liberty Self-Respect.   One last thing Mat is a huge Square Enix.  fan Follow Matt on Twitter, YouTube and Mat in the Hat blog.

7. The Global Gamer

The Global Gamer talks about gaming and movies. Global has a top 20 list, a poll and guides. The Global Gamer is a upcoming gaming bloggers that needs your support. Check out  The Global Gamer ‘s blog and website is still work in progress.

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Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #1

Gaming blogger could excel more than food, travel and fashion bloggers.  Here is the unity for gaming blogs and rockstars. In order to be successful in  blogging, there is alot of networking you have to do.  The video game market is very saturated and it’s a tough niche. I when to Twitter and found some gaming blogging websites to look into. We gamers have to support one other and if you want to have unity in blogging. Here is are some rock star gaming blogger I found out. Note: some of them have account and can’t comment on them.

11. AVGL- a video game life

AVGL is a video game blogger who talks about latest video game and has a YouTube channel.  Featuring let’s play on Battleborn, DOTA, Agents of Mayhew and more. Aside from gaming Jonathan post soccer games, UFC matches and tech stuff. Follow Jonathan Hirt on Twitter , Facebook and his blog.

10. NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

NekoJonez’s gaming blog does reviews, retrospective, first impressions and publishing. Neko has a forum,  Twitter  , Youtube , Steam , Tumblr   and Google+  page. Make sure to follow and support NekoJonez.  NekoJonez is partnered with other gaming bloggers and won award for  Market Inspector Best Technology Blog of 2017. Neko is a aspirating actor and has a community called Arpegi. Be sure to check out Neko’s gaming blog.

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Support African American Bloggers Empowerment

We need to support each other


I am African American who has dreams on becoming a successful blogger in the future and self-employed and runs a gaming blog. There is a lot of White, Asian, Latino, and Indian, also around the world bloggers who produce great blog posts if what I read. What about the African Americans do we get support from our own people? Do we get the same opportunity as other group of people? As an African American I don’t see a lot of black bloggers but I hope to meet someday and get them on a podcast. What about the progressive African American who wants to grow and extended their blog? Maybe turning it to a business or making a great living? As African Americans we are the bottom of the food chain and we are the most discriminated race group in the U.S. due to the stereotype that society label us as loud, not educated, committed the most crime and always ask for handouts. I don’t want to be label as a bum who setting on the corner in the hood, being a Madden King (which you live with a women not getting a job and play Madden al day) and don’t have an apartment correctional number in prison. I am different than those guys because they’ve nothing going for them and expect the government should take care of them.

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