What is Happening – Blog Update

Here is a update about the blog


Hi readers I am here for a blog update, the blog has been booming last month with new followers (almost at 100) and bloggers I have met. There are a couple of things I like to discuss, first I change my dayjob work schedule so I work Mondays-Thursdays now not Fridays. On Fridays I can have a day off of work or assist them on that day if they need me. I am very grateful from my Supervisor for this opportunity, Another thing I two YouTube channel now, Anjim Plays (main gaming channel) which has a copyright strike but I can still have all the features to do live streams and etc Anjim 2.0 (back up anime/cartoon channel) I had this channel in 2015 due to MCN I had to delete it but I brought it back from the dead. Make sure you sub to both channel if you like. Normally on Fridays I don’t post anything now I will make sure to look out for it.

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Don’t Be an Online Beggar Earn It!

Beggar can’t be choosers


Online crowd-sourcing  is a great way to support your cause, whether you are doing artwork, streaming, doing for charity or help fund an indie game. Sometime asking for money online can lead to people talking advantage of you and using it as a scam. You must be careful of doing this because you don’t know that person is credibility or not. For example, someone made a GoFundMe to get a McDonald’s Big Mac (lol), What about a guy using GoFundMe to buy his girlfriend a wedding ring to purpose to her and this is the kicker and this person uses GoFundMe to tickets to a Chicago Cubs game. This is a bad idea to use online crowdfunding but a good way is getting someone in school, a homeless project to find people to a place to stay and help fund a studio for business. If you are not doing for a good cause than you’re a bad person and take money for your personal greed. As for myself I got a donate button on my blog, YouTube and Twitch channel. I only use it for future projects like giveaway or charity, equipment and video games to review and stream. But I got a full-time job but I am hoping to go into self-employed soon. Note: I don’t ask for donation what so ever I work for it, I don’t care if it takes 20 years or 500 blog post to get it. I will wait for the right time for donating and it’s optional. To my readers who are supporting my blog you don’t have to give me a dime if you don’t want to. You can share my blog posts on social media, like my post or comment and tell me know you think. That’s support is more appreciate than money always and the positive feedback.


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Is It Too Late to Start a Blog and Do It For a Living?

Tell your story and journey through the world of blogging.


The answer to that question it’s not too late to start a blog. Make sure you have an idea and brainstorm on what topics or theme you what your blog to be about. I know starting off small is difficult but the more work you put into it the better the result. There is a quote I like to recited “If there is opportunity always take the shot” that means if you run a successful blog you are more likely to get sponsorships, mentions, rewards or maybe be on the News. When creating a blog you also have to find a niche, what makes you stand out from rest? My topic is gaming I review and talk anything that involve video games but it’s a saturated market because there are many video game news or blog outlets out such as Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot and many more. To be honest I can’t complete with these outlets but I want to be different than them. My goals for the blog is to extended it and do it for a living because I love writing and expressing myself online. As of now I wouldn’t see revenue no time soon because I am still a small blogger and don’t have enough traffic right now but I am see the result since I started last year in October 2016. I will keep on pushing to get a following and audience that will enjoy my blog posts.

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Why I Don’t Accept Awards and Talents Comes From Within

This is the realest blog post I have written


Everyone deserved recognition for their hard work and dedicating for what they do but don’t you feel like you are robbing someone and taking credit for other. As for me I accepted awards but I don’t feel I deserve it because my hard work and passion comes from within and I don’t need a trophy, a certificate, a diploma or maybe an Oscar to tell me I am doing a good job. You don’t need those to tell you’re doing a great job, you as the person who is passionate on what you do. Whether you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Musician, Actor and many others. I know some of your work and you ever get employee of the month or promotion which most likely happens in a workplace. I want to ask you how to do you feel about a promotion or employment? Do you still treated the same? Are you happy? Does someone else deserve it more than you do? What about winning the Major Leagues, Playoffs or Super Bowl? They have crowned the MVP of the season for the most popular and well-known player but what about the other teammates should they get shine. What are the Oscars speaking of that, what happens if the same actor won 5 awards but none of the nominees didn’t get any of them do you feel bad.

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Sponsored Posts: Need a Website and Blog to Express Yourself

Be creative and persona with Wordpress



WordPress is a site that you can create stunning websites and blog without coding. You can choose different templates and designs from other to build your site the way you want. You can use it for personal use, small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs or for free. All you have to do is pick a plan that is right for you with the right features such as live chat support, monetize your site, SEO, custom domain name and unlimited storage. WordPress is consider one of the most online publishing platform. WordPress as a self-hosting site called WordPress.org which you can put your own plugins and apps on your website and blog. The company thrive to keep you up to date such as VIP hosting partnerships, software and plans.


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Does Gaming Bloggers Work Hard Like Others Bloggers?

Small gamer blogs need love too.


This is a subject that has been bothering me as a gaming blogger I know we don’t get a lot of views and likes just like anime, film, lifestyle, fitness and beauty bloggers. Well it’s because of platforms like IGN, Kotaku, and Siliconera (which I get most of my sources, Polygon and many more that has gaming news that makes it harder for us. Yes we work hard on creating a platform that which we can express our passion for gaming and the industry in general. We talk about the latest news of games that coming out, reviewing a video game we play and love and if you are a YouTuber and Twitch Steamer you can promote yourself as a blogger to gain new audience. I know Gaming is a saturated market and there is a lot of popular gaming blogs out there. It’s tough to compete with them. That’s why we need to work together, network and collab with one (other note: other blogger can do that too) by shouting each other out. People think how can we collab on a blog? There are somethings you can do such as podcast, YouTube collab and whatever you can think of. There is one more thing, social media use it well grasshopper and meet other gaming and make friends.


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Blogger Gotta Push To The Limit and Taking Steps

It’s a brand new year for this blog


Happy New Year everyone and it’s 2017! Now it’s time to be on the path of being a full-time blogger and achieve my goal. I will be doing the same old post on indie games, reivews on the games I have played, news on the gaming industry and vlogs. In this year, I am open for interviews with any blogger anime, food, gaming, lifestyle and etc. Note: if you have Google Plus (for Google Hangout), Discord and Skype. I can also put the interviews on my YouTube channel (spread the word about it) and in this post.  I will do award post ( I don’t know how it’s work) and give shout outs to a blogger who I think deserve it.

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Blog Sponsorships – Path to Entrepreneurship and Fulltime

Looking to advertisement on my blog


First I want to say thanks your WordPress, MyTrendingStories, Sliconera for influencing to blog and meet great people in the process. I am writing this because I have to become an Entrepreneur and build relationships, network and grow my blog. I came across some articles that I found entreating (I like link by source). I was always have that mind set let people come to do, don’t go to them and make sure your blog has SEO, promoting on social media and have traffic. If you don’t have great quality blog post or website then you can kiss that goodbye, you have to be legit meaning don’t scam people or don’t talk bad about the product or bash it but give some feedback on it to the best of your abilities such as taking to manufactures or developers want to do want to improve to the next product and they might take it to heart to make the consumer happy.

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Gaming for Charity – Play to Give Back

Will you give back to your Community?

You have to give it up for these gaming outlets like Twitch, Sony, Microsoft, YouTube and others for thinking about giving back to the community instead of being greedy. For example, Twitch you have streamers doing charity streams to collect from viewers but you have to have a decent following (200-1,000 followers), great personality, streaming in high quality and be credible (not scam people). Some streamers do it to buy better equipment and games that’s fine if you don’t want to give. These streamers does charity such as St Jude, Wounded Warriors, Red Cross, Extra Life and etc. I am a streamers too and one day I will do a charity stream to help people in need. I am still growing my following but it’s a slow growth. Make sure you follow my Twitch channel Anjim Plays and I stream variety games such as fighters to RPGs

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