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We need to support each other


I am African American who has dreams on becoming a successful blogger in the future and self-employed and runs a gaming blog. There is a lot of White, Asian, Latino, and Indian, also around the world bloggers who produce great blog posts if what I read. What about the African Americans do we get support from our own people? Do we get the same opportunity as other group of people? As an African American I don’t see a lot of black bloggers but I hope to meet someday and get them on a podcast. What about the progressive African American who wants to grow and extended their blog? Maybe turning it to a business or making a great living? As African Americans we are the bottom of the food chain and we are the most discriminated race group in the U.S. due to the stereotype that society label us as loud, not educated, committed the most crime and always ask for handouts. I don’t want to be label as a bum who setting on the corner in the hood, being a Madden King (which you live with a women not getting a job and play Madden al day) and don’t have an apartment correctional number in prison. I am different than those guys because they’ve nothing going for them and expect the government should take care of them.


Enough of that, I know as African American we are divided and at war with each other and I don’t know when that day come we all come together. When a black person trying to build an enterprise and I got something going for him or her our own are not appreciative of that person but what to take it down.  It make no sense that my own people can’t support our own. That’s why some African Americans their OWN business which that person works alone because if that person wants to build a corporation to support his own people, they want to get jealous and get rid of it. Then complain about “why we don’t have black business and bloggers”, that’s I am my own person I would like to help my people but I don’t want my hard work being taken down. As far as types of blogger I know there is African American beauty, food, music and many others out there and check them out and network with them. I just want to say this “I am black and I am proud to be a blogger” that’s my passion and I am happy to be both.

Author: anjimplays

I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed