Street Fighter V Is Getting an Arcade Edition Not Surprised

Ladies and Gentlemen Capcom has did it again. Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is on the way. During Street Fighter VI release capcom is cash cowing fans.  DLCs for stages, characters and game mode to pay for extra content. Fans of the series are restless and paying for out of pocket. Although Street Fighter content is not free and customers should get what there are barging for. Capcom announced Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for Steam and PlayStation coming in 2018.  Upcoming content is coming to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. SFV Arcade Edition will have new V Trigger moves. Extra battle modes such based on fan feedback. New user interface removing the old one and giving more life. Gallery mode for viewing concept art, character voices and etc.

Arcade mode for standard format from the previous Street Fighter games. Season 1 and 2 DLC characters such as Kolin, Abigail, Akuma, Ed and Menat.  More detail form Arcade as follows, there is six paths with multiple endings  based on player’s performance. Extra Battle Mode are time challenges which player earn fight money to earn premium outfits. Every challenge is different each month and more content is on the way. For player who already have the original Street Fighter V disc, users can download from PSN and Steam. Redeemable codes will be available for players who purchase Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. There is new for PC and PS4 users, Cross-platform play will be available in SFV Arcade Edition.

Another news for Street Fighter V players all the season 1 DLC character  will be free of charge for completing various game challenge . Player can buy character with fight money instantly in-game. Capcom is on the right direction with this. Content should be earn in-game not paying out of pocket. Let’s see what other surprise that Capcom has for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will be available in January 16, 2018 for Steam and PlayStation 4

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