SpiritSphere – 8bit Eyeball Air Hockey Game.

8bit Zelda-like sports game


What is SpiritSphere?

Eendhoorn Games bring you a indie sport game called SpiritSphere, which inspired by NES Legend of Zelda and Windjammers. In SpiritSphere, you choose different characters with unique abilities in a RPG world arenas. This is a one-on-one airhockey type battle to test your reflects. The developer stated that “The game is easy to pick up, but hard hard to master and can quickly lead to heated”. When you in the field you can grab powerups to turn the tides to win your favor. Another thing that the developer stated “This game does not have online multiplayer, only local multiplayer”.


Sorry I wish there were online play and have four players like in Tennis that would be fun. The art and soundtrack is retro NES style 8-bit color palette and  the composer is Gas1312. The flow of the game is a fast-pace arcade-sytle and the level design. If you hit the eye in the below the playing field you score a point which will display on the far left and right. You can also play with the CPU if you don’t want to play locally, you collect coins to unlock new balls to play with and probably characters. There is a mode called splash mode which you hit the ball anywhere in the field to score. This look like a fun game, if you like 8-bit sports game this is for you. SpiritSphere is available now on Steam and  I hope they add online.

Source: .Siliconera

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