Sony is Redesigning their PlayStation 4 Controllers and Cost $60 Dollars

Sony is redesigning the Dualshock 4 PlayStation 4 Controller?

This is just Ludacris, why is Sony doing this? Rising prices is really going to hurt their company. If you don’t know what the PlayStation 4 controllers is, let me tell you it’s called the DualShock 4. Which the controller has color shapes such as cross (blue), circle (red), square (pink) and triangle (green). There are two left and right thumbsticks, direction buttons, left and right triggers (you can press as a button), start button but not select button. There is a middle touchpad panel that you can listen to in-game dialog and see stats. If you want to share your gameplay and put it on social media there is a button for that. The controller is wireless and you can connect it to the USB port. As for the redesign, there is a

second smaller light bar on the top, extended battery life and can be used for eight hours. A wired setup with less latency than a wireless connection because DualShock Bluetooth connections has been locked in PlayStation 4. These revised controllers will be included in PlayStation 4 Slim and will be $60. Which is ridiculous for a controller it like I am paying for a game. My thought on this is keep the controller design because these video game companies always doing this for years. Making a smaller version of a console to make the price related for retailers, “ you can’t afford a $600 console than buy a slimmer version with less feature” that’s what they are thinking. What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think its right to redesign a controller? Should they update the firmware on PlayStation 4?

Source: YahooTech

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