Sonic X – New Strange and Dangerous World Anime Review

Gotta go fast with Sonic X

Sonic X is my least favorite Sonic show to watch before to watch before Sonic Satam and Underground. . Alright I watch this show on 4Kids (yes them and they turned all Japanese anime and Americanize it), I thought was an okay show and that’s good as Sonic Satam and Underground. This series is animated by TMS Entertainment (who brought you Detective Conan, Batman: The Animated Series, D.Gayman, Lupin the 3rd and Akira) and directed by Hajime Kamegaki. The process of making the show is Yuji Naka and Yuji Uekawa of Sonic Team created all the original characters and while animated the show it uses non-outlined CGI elements for Sonic’s homing attack and etc. Sega showed and narrated footage of the first few episodes at World Hobby Fair video gaming event in February 2003 with the introduction man characters but there was still frame of a sliver anthropomorphic hedgehog (people speculate that’s Sliver) but it’s was Super Sonic’s early concept. The Japanese seiyus (voice actors) Sanae Kobayashi and Chikao Otsuka found it difficult and unsure about how to portray the characters. The head of Sonic Team Takashi lizuka believed Sonic X will help get exposed for new generation of potential gamers along with merchandise, Naka also hope Sonic will be popular as Pokemon anime series.

What a cute couple


As for localization of Sonic X, 4Kids Entetainment got the right to it but now Discotek Media. The episodes was edited of content and length for alcohol, coarse language, breaking the 4th wall and another deregulatory scenes. The America producer of Sonic X Micheal Haigney don’t like violence in Kids shows and don’t want make massive changes but Haigney has to go by Fox Broadcasting Company policy such forbid smoking and strong violence. Note: Haigney in an interview stated “he had never played a Sonic game, read the comics, or watched any of the previous Sonic animated series”. 4kids hired new voice actor rather now using the old ones. The first season is pretty much the plot of the series just like first Sonic game. Sonic (voiced by Jason Griffith) is battling Eggman (voiced by Mike Pollock) for the seven Chaos Emeralds after a certain Chaos Control our heroes Amy, Taills, Cream, Rogue, Knuckles and the Chaotix are transport to the real world. Sonic ends up meeting a rich kid named Chris Thorndyke along with his mother, father, boulter, scientist and maid. Afterworth Eggman want to take over world and defeat Sonic for the Chaos Emeralds. The Season 2 is a mixer of storylines from different games such as Sonic Battle, Sonic Adventure and 2 which original twist. The final season is original plot about race of robots called Metarex who wants the take over the world and steal planets life force. Sonic X is pretty average series if you are a fan of Sonic franchise watch it if you like. Sonic X is available on Dvd and also buy the comic and Leapster handheld game.

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