Sonic Forces X Hooters – Sega Promotional Collaboration in Tokyo

What is Hooters?

No one seen this coming on a mile away. Sega and Hooters are coming together to promo Sonic Forces. Last month at Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced they’re doing some promotions. This came out of nowhere, Hooters and Sega teaming up. For those who don’t know what Hooters is lets refresh your memory.  Hooters is a sport bar with hostess dress in orange mini short and white t-shirts. The food Hooter serve are chicken wing with your choice of sauce, onion rings, seafood, salads and burgers. Check out Hooters menu and see what catch your eye. Sega’s latest IP Sonic Force is about, Sonic the Hedgehog leads a team to stop Dr. Eggman and other villains. Classic Sonic returns to add modern Sonic with new characters.

Sonic chili dogs for everyone

During this collaboration, Hooters made Sonic-themed chili dogs and blue drinks. Hooters decorate their shop with Tails and Knuckles cutouts starting into space TV monitor and Sonic plushie hanging on the lights. Entertainment for the customers hooter staff dance to Sonic Forces theme “Fist Bump”. 

Promotional poster are above the sonic plushies. To be honest I wish this was in America. I would live stream my time there and take pictures Hooters is a place where you see beautiful babes in orange and white. Like these two pretty Hooter ladies holding Sonic plushies.

I went to Hooters couple a times and it’s not a experience. Depending on what location where are from. Boneless wings are spectacular and chicken sandwich. Ladies are very friendly and easy on the eyes. Some guys might go to hooters to see beautiful babes but I go and have a good time.   Make sure to support Sega and purchase Sonic Forces on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Sonic Forces will be available  November 7, 2017. Restaurant goers visit your local Hooters in your city to support Sega.

Source:  Kotaku

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